Thursday, September 11, 2014

The Lecha Dodi, in Granada

Welcoming God’s holy day
Is a special thing for Judaism!
The day of the Shabbat, and the creation of the world
Is now remembered, it has arrived …
The cantor, is leading a powerfully chanting,
It is composed of some mystical words, long
Remembered: like the Russian huzza or the
Polish burial lament; the ancient chant of
Lecha Dodi is fitted for the Spanish
Cry of joy!... It concerns the chant of the Lecha Dodi.
Ah, this is the essence of Judaism!
A brazen-voice, with a Spanish accent,
Chants: “A bridegroom rejoices over his bride!...”
Perhaps more revered than that of Easter or
Ramadan; thus, the Jew begins to sing on!
The synagogue in Granada is small
I recall, unattractive, for the most part!
It was built for brotherhood, not beauty
I do believe—; to tell whom thy soul loveth!

Written: 9-11-2014/ No: 4547
The Poet was in Granada, in 1997.

In Biblical Jewish style repetition…