Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Terms of Existence (Grave Prophetic Utterances)

The reason I want to take this time, to reason it out in my head, to give my
       onion opinion on the ‘Terms of Existence’ today, is not because I am
       bored with life, not exactly, but there is a new enthusiasm, morbid
       passion, zest to be reckoned with,  in today’s world.
The Islamic terrorists: those women, children, the old and young men, the
       unserious, brainwashed, those who endeavor to carve out the lion’s
       share of the world  for Satan’s quest, so he can plunge it into oblivion!
This and this alone is the reason for this prose poem, for their awareness!
I know Satan has long been dissatisfied with Christian Nations, also with
The Jews; you could pick I suppose any group, he’ll use them to get to God
       somehow, and he has at this moment chosen the Islamic personae!
Yes, to get to God he will even disguise himself in the persona of Gabriel
       the Archangel, or Allah, or for that matter, bend the Koran, to his will with little ferocious devotional secrets, never written down, planted in
       brains inside the heads of those, so easily led, the willing!
Those who are enchanted or oppressed, seldom if ever devoted to God!
But rather to him!
God don’t need friends, nor does he need anyone saying: we kill in the
       name of God! (that’s called blasphemy)
This is why it is perilously important for me to write ‘Terms of Existence’  
Nothing in them—will stop Satan, matter-of-fact, Old Nick, has simply just
       puffed himself up, inside of these discolored souls, reflecting through
       their large gray eyes, waiting for: a blood-splash revenge;
Alas, such men do Satan’s handiwork for him, willingly or unwillingly;
Perhaps thinking it is God’s will, but be not fooled, it is Satan’s!
You see Satan uses man to get to God.
Why else do you think he does, what he does, what he has those Islamic
       fanatics do…
You see, nothing matters to him, not even decapitations, and who else
       would ever think of such unthinkable and abysmally things? He says:
“Find stupid men and stupid women, in the west, east; white, black, brown,
       who approach in any slight degree to our way of thinking, our credo,
“To exterminate the world of the locust, —man!”
Satan does not discriminate, and neither does the rising tides of ISIS, or
     the Khorasan, the old PLO, the new Hamas, or Qaeda operatives, and
Vouchsafed with a snarl and of ominous expectancy, the gun and the
       sword, killing ordinary people like  cows, pigs and chickens:
Thus, to endure this, these are the terms of existence!
None of these Islamic soldiers are worth their salt, in that they have given
       up their souls for money, or pride, or Satan’s big lie; and so willing to
       give up their lives, what can be made of all this?
What is it all for?
Surely not for the Glory of God!  God does not need to prance around
       heaven yelling “Look what I got, headhunters!”
Does God need help? Or Satan? (Figure it out, it should be simple!)
Did their soul die ages ago?
Perhaps not, my best guess, Satan has been nourishing, and nurturing
       them awhile, if not caretaking: feeding them like a herd of goats:       
       better yet, worms who love to eat dirt;
You know after a while one begin to like it:
If indeed one is force-fed a daily and nightly diet of lies, or anything, you
       can dehumanize  the breath
of God inside of most  men, and inside yourself, and kill them at will, like
What will they wake up to once dead? Surely not paradise!
Where everything is hunky-dory and nice!
I would gather such men would end up in a world suited for them, their
… like to like, like in Tartarus, the lower level of hell;
Should they walk into paradise, what would they do, say? Have to say?  
What would they do: shoot everyone, cut off their soul heads?
I’m serious, who would want them around?
A drunk wants a drunk around, not a sober mate; no different than a
       demon wanting similar company…
And God doesn’t provide, or allow whores in heaven.
Matter of fact, how earnestly could they walk up to God and say:
“I cut a few heads off for you today, and lost my life in doing so!
“Where is my just reward?”
God forbid, had I done such a thing, if I was allowed to sneak into Paradise, I’d hide behind a rock, or a tree, anything that would cover me,   
And not for a day or week, but forevermore; so you might as well just say, “Get me out of here, I don’t belong here…”
And I think God would most likely agree, by saying:
“Right, you’re in the wrong place,” zip! You’re on your way to Hades!
You see, like to like, same to same, kind to kind: you get what you deserve,
       it’s just a matter of time:
And if you don’t get justice here on earth, God has plan ‘B’  
.... No Kidding, plan ‘B’ being lost in some dark eternity, and perhaps fiery,
       eternity !
Does one really think God needs their help? I know I keep bringing this up,
       but it baffles me from my occipital lobe to my big toe!
This is Satan’s trick, he has his horde of invisible soldiers, a hundred
       million of them:  whispering into those Islamic ears that will, willingly  
“Tell your followers to come and fight the good war, for God is calling…!”
How sick is sick? The trick is this: Satan needs followers, and friends.
On the other hand,
How hideous that sounds, to assume, God needs grasshoppers, beetles
       and crickets, to fight man’s clashes; which are not even His!
And every soldier thinks God is for their cause: how wrong is wrong?
Although I would think, Satan would be more than willing to fight on their
       behalf, battles for eternal damned soul!...
So you see, it could be, quite the other way around.
If this was true, if this way of thinking was really accurate, that God needs
       man to fight his battles, our battles, then we have a weak God, not one
       who has created all—
In particular, the universe, the earth, and so on, and on, endlessly on:
And thus, we do not have an all-powerful God, who is omnipotent!
And whoever thinks like this, has made Satan more powerful, perhaps even
       God’s equal, and in doing so, sold their soul.
Man is but the size of a grasshopper to God, with a grasshopper brain, but
       he loves that grasshopper all the same; and life is the gift he has given
       to man to claim!
And not to take at will, away from another by anybody, lest he suffer.
So here I am, trying to be unmistakable impeccable, about the cruelest
       gash, man has yet seen, in the 21st Century, without offending!
But that cannot be done, sorry if this is not to your liking, as I pointed out
       in the beginning, you need ‘open eyes, and minds!’
Yes, the old Master trickster, has duped this Islamic breed, into deep war
Fooled one to the other, in doing everything—thus, he found the touchy
       Islamic Arab, and they are doing it for him.
And don’t for God’s sake, invent that Islam needs to fight the whole rats’
       nest,  to cleanse the world of evil, but being  more evil, and you know
When in Tartarus, you will say: “I died for that!” And you will groan.
And you will be one of the man to enter the rotting resurrection, to be
       fuelled with sulfur and fire.
And in the meantime, you will crawl on the floor and haul yourself:
       contaminated, wrung and bled, from one crevice in the earth’s stomach,  to another: by the dead-dead! 
Satan’s collaborators.
You will swing into the jaws of the trip, quiet and fooled, and there is no
       mutiny in the underworld:   but there is an echelon of rank: and you are the private!

We are not addressing theologies, or religions, per se, although it may be
       in the backyard somewhere, I am talking about those thick-boned,
       malformed, broken-knuckled soldiers of Satan—
Who have caused a ripple effect, in human behavior, with: less and less
       sincerity, compassion, and mercy within the global theater of
Who happens to be—in this poem anyhow—Islamic by self-byline!
Satan sits pacing to and fro, above the clouds, above their heads,
       like a wildcat,
With his imps: while men do his deadly, monstrous fearful repulsiveness,
       never lifting a finger…
I have learned with a smile, Satan can easily ambush, and easily leave   
       those whom are behind doing his dirty work,
Leave them behind, without a clap of an eye; leave them behind those
       deadly lines, letting them believe, inside their heads, it is for God, as if
       they’re doing God’s work, His bidding!  (they wish!)
How arrogant that is.
Satan doesn’t have the time, he used to have, and that is why he is
       knocking on the Islamic doors, like crazy, one after the other!
Time is short.
In a simile: it is the bull and the calf: and the bull has told the calf, there is
       nothing shameless here, terror is very beautiful.
“How about the dignity of man?”  The world is yelling because of the dirty
Like Lucifer, so stands the Islamic new breed: hands fiddled and clinched,
Morose men: who have traded Christ’s love for door of fury!
Thus, they give the death-notice, with their frozen hearts.
They have found Lucifer’s great rat-trap, and like a lump of meat, he has
       swallowed them, one by one…

I am not comparing, devil to devil, and country to country, I haven’t the
       space nor time, in this prose poem to do so,
I am just with the new breed—
The 21st Century’s Islamic pathologic, neurosis, psychotic terrorists!
They all come out of the same mold, just their mental status is a tinge       
Who are they kidding!
And here they are thinking they are being blessed for their faithfulness,
       their ruthlessness!
To me that sounds more like they have Satan’s address!
You know, and if you don’t know, I’ll tell you:
Satan laughs silently, with just his eyes: cold-bloody eyes, without sound; He Laughs a mirthless laughter… as
He sees his insects doing his bidding, and says:
 “See God, I will have the last laugh!”
And yes, Satan has made his etching in stone to these Islamic warriors, it
“Let there be war around the world, that is the price, the terms
       of existence for the times; let them see the sweeping of hell, on earth!
“That is why I need them. 
“Even make them querulous among themselves, all the better.
“Make them turn on their own kind: make them wear sad and lifeless faces,
       to have no vim in them.
“Make each step an effort of death, drag them, raise them, and pull them    
       out of coffins if need be, they are no more than my spiders at work for
“Have them fill up the pushcarts with heads, like I had Mohammad
       do back in those awful battles, I now call: ‘Mecca’s cry, in the year “of sorrows’, when he took 10,000-soldiers strong and conquered and “butchered them like hogs, tore open their bellies like beasts, their heads
       severed, rolled off down the streets: my philosophy today is the same
       ‘kill, and kill,’ as if in a death march.”
This is how he thinks, I know, he has sent a few of his henchmen,
       knocking at my doors, windows, bedroom… for the past umpteen
You see, it only makes sense: God did not make man to fight man, that
       would make him, eviler than Satan; and God is not the author of evil.
But it is only the way Satan can get revenge for his own sins; thus he
       torments, the willing!
I say the willing, or perhaps I could say the eager beaver, or the ready and
       prepared, for the most part it is the disposable.
His orders:
“Find the spiritless, the shambling shells of men, those windless
       men; the: lunatics and idiots, the drunks, and degenerate, take them “from all nations, create a nightmare spawn, create a human caricatures of
       men; have them believe in our cause, so I can tell God,
‘Hail and farewell, to man’ …”
Thus, in his doings, he makes Nero, look like a pussycat!

No: 4559 (9-22 thru 24-2014)