Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Spirit of the Times

Be careful, my people told me—
If you play for the game, the big game, don’t become too thin
And in the process miss a thousand little chances under your nose…

There’s a spirit of the times, I’ve learned in most things, in life!
A right time, and a wrong time.
A time to be satisfied, lest you end up a pauper…
There is no secret, just be aware of the times!
Times change, and you got to change with them, if you want to be
Part of them…
If you’re one of the small potatoes, and remain so, and times are right, it
       may change, and become the times for the big potatoes—
To win, you must learn to be satisfied.
Funny, but we can all see it after it happens, when it is too late.

Me, I was a small potato in a big potato patch, my heath told me, I could
       should I wish, take the chance and become one of the big potatoes!
Well, you must think quicker than a wink, and remain cool as an icicle, and
       I was no longer wild as an Indian, as I was in my youth
Most of the fire and vinegar had left me, I was heading into old age when I
       played that game, plus I had an illness that never heals complete…!
And that settled me down, and I got into the game at the right time, and out
       at the right time, and yes, I know how lucky I was!
Had I stayed in the game, I would have been a rich corpse.

But it goes something like this: had I become rich in my youth, I’d never
       would have traveled, and I would have had nothing to write about
       today, except money, drinking and women!
Plus, I’d never would have had time to meet my wife, Rosa, and would not
       have had two homes, one by the ocean and one in the Andes, and
       retired at fifty-two;
I didn’t get it all, but I beat the odds, and took a little of the whole thing, to
       quench my spirit of everything;
In other words, what I got in youth, was cheap, which has kept me from the 
       poorhouse in old age.

No: 4563/Written 9-29-2014