Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Old Lady and the Demijohn

There once was an old lady, who drank like a fish
Loved to drink her whiskey from a two-gallon demijohn—
Whenever she could… From Organ to Frisco, she traveled
By cover wagon, with her two grandkids: whereupon, one
Day as they went to seek for work, they hid the demijohn
Sixty feet high up in a tree, from the ground, in fear she’d
Drawn herself with the alcohol, before they’d return.
Hence, upon their return that night, she was found dead
Drunk to the world on the kitchen floor… She had shot
The demijohn to smithereens, with her long-barreled
Kentucky rifle; emptied its remains into a tub, placed
Under the tree. And so she lapped it up, like soaked duck!

No: 4564/Written 9-29-2014