Monday, September 1, 2014

Lucifer’s Unrest

Dethroned, Lucifer the archangelic star,
Now fixed and soulless, faded from heaven’s light
To the bottomless pit, in Tartarus!
Barred, from all his past splendor: now manic and
Depressed; cursed by the sun, lowered to beneath
The moon, to endure forever and evermore his decline!
Why did God throw this unregretful throne-less star, —
With cymbals of damnation that shout and flame,
Into Earth’s orbit? Oh now he spins endless in man’s
Circle; such does it betwixt me!
Immeasurable chaos throbs his path, rhythmically,
So it seems almost natural:
He discards the dark massive harshness—with
Spoiled melody. Surely if he wasn’t constrained to
Earth’s atmospheres and abysses, he’d throw tyranny
Throughout the universe.
I am telling you, prepare, lo, he is coming like deep
Apocalyptic suns! In the form of man to destroy
Everyone!  Enraged like volcanic magna. There is no
Justice in his dens, doom evermore stands nearby!
He is the restless dragon, with the un-submissive brow!
And I, whom is not of essence, one with His,
He may not destroy, even in his gulfs of dark suspense,
The secret dread for many, for against Elohim,
Stubborn as he is, he is confirmed eternally, and those
Who belong to Christ like Job, stand within his enclosure!
Hence, he hates God through man: thus, less than careless,
He hates Man! With watchful aspiration: his indomitable eyes 
Thirst, tramples into the night, with fiery breath—he
Seeks portentous chaos for man, watching for that
Hour of doom to bring to God’s chosen, to stoop before him.
On the other hand, he will give you fame and fortune!
Seek not his generosity; it is a double-blind: fruit like acid.

No: 4535 (8-31-2014)