Monday, September 1, 2014

The Cosmological Soul

Construction of the Soul 
(What is the Soul Made Out of?) The Soul (Part I of II)

 It is often called ‘Materia Prima’ (or pure potency)
The soul has to be made out of something, hasn’t it?
Only in form does this matter become matter in the physical sense.
If the soul is constructed of this matter—if it be true,
       within a physical person,
Then upon death, what takes place with the soul?
It leaves the body in a condition of pure potency; as the physical
       matter remains as it was…
Now, between the living body and the corpse, resides a gulf:
Of prime matter—constantly maintained—
As a result, the identity of the risen body, is based exclusively
       upon the identity of the soul.

#3910/5-13-2013 /Reference to Thomistic Teachings (Saint Thomas) and those of Durandus of Saint-Pourcain (1275-1333 A.D.), and those of Joseph Ratzinger; 1 Corinthians 15:35-53 “Behold, I show you a mystery; we shall not all sleep, but we shall be changed…”  It has also been inferred in ancient scriptures there are seventy-two kinds of death, perhaps this particular verse in scripture can be a testimony to that information, or assumption.  Perhaps also, the soul has its own form and Code of DNA.

Structure of the Soul
 ((”Construction of the Soul”) (Spiritual Matter))   Part II of III

Upon death the soul becomes all-cosmic;
That is, part of the overall Universe which makes it—
       in its own unopposed life and likeness— material; —thus, 
It remains in the world of matter, and history—this is the place
Where matter is formed into spirit—; it now is in the process of
       becoming (building blocks man has yet to discover).
The history within the soul will shape the matter and spirit into
       its rightful form.

#3915 (5-15-2013) / Reference to: Telhard de Cardin, Greshake studies, and Joseph Ratzinger. Note 1: it might be of interest to the reader, the author feels, matter can be perfected, as it would be presupposed with the soul, contrary to many philosophers’ beliefs. Note 2: The author also believes matter belongs to the physical world as well as the spiritual world, although both in different ways: perhaps a shadow existence in the cosmos, which death opens up and leads too. ((Ref: 1 Cor. 15) (& John 6: 63: “The words I speak unto you they are spirit, and they are life.”)) Note 3: We are just now stepping into the new world of Quantum Theory; or the new physics: behaviors in the physical world where objects do not have single definite histories; and quantum electrodynamics, those cosmological constant forces, electric charges. Where Einstein pointed out space-time has an inherent tendency to expand.  We also see in the regions of space-time, gravitational forces cut off from the rest of the universe, called black holes (Hawking), thus it is not so unlikely we have a ravine, where the history within the soul can be reshaped. Should man eliminate this equation, perhaps he should eliminate any classical theory of physics, which the universe is assumed to have a definition.  (Reference to: Einstein, Hawking, Ratzinger, Newton and Saint Paul and Saint John’s writings in the NT Bible.)  See part one for: “Construction of the Soul (Spiritual Matter)” To have a good scientific sample of space-time, gravity, you have to allow God within the equation, or you do not have a good sample of Quantum Theories.