Thursday, August 7, 2014

The World’s War Masters!

(America the Beautiful: where, in God we Trust!)

Let’s cut to the heart: the hammer and the nails
And through the deck of cards, through the FBI,
And the CIA and now popular JSOC, and the Seals:
Who’s really ruining this land?
Let’s ask the question: why are we not permitted as Americans
To understand, when the President can kill an American?
For less than a crime, or trial, it’s called “Assassination
With baiting!” Just click your fingers Obama!
Thus, you get the hammer, when you become one of the nails!
The hammer is expanding, to the farthest nebulae:
And it has a kill list with more names on it than the
Constitution of Independence: in seventy-five countries!...
Now we kill for what a young man might become,
Not what he is, or has done.
The hammer is looking for more nails,
Be careful you might become one of them among the Many!
Not much different than the Greek Spartans.
The list has no end, with Obama’s blessing—
We are even in East Africa now, — to include Somalia;
“White Eyes” once the enemy of America
Now on her payroll.
And what do they say: “The Americans have
Taught us well how to fight, they are Masters of War!”
Now in Kenya, Egypt, Yemen, Israel, Syria, Afghanistan,
In Iraq, also in the Korea, and Japan, Germany, in every country
In Europe, even in the Ukraine…it’s becoming insane—
Thus the Armies of the war lords are killing with
America’s money, and blessing.
They now rush with the speed of light into the night
And then explode it; who can hold them back?
They roar into flame, torture and invade and the
Kill list is growing and growing!
You don’t need to be bin Laden, or Al Awalki!
Just an American with a sour opinion, or
Verbal disagreement, with her ways and intent—
No wonder we are so fascinated with fireworks,
And our bombs, and movies with fire-blasts
And to see back to back: die and kill, burn
And be damned: dust and clouds and explosions,
In the Cinema! We are the world’s war masters!
No longer in America can we say: in God we Trust!
We have decimated his earth, trampled on his
People, without mercy: if we really trust in God,
It is best we stop what we are doing, before he
Strikes back: this is his warning to us, for He will
Do just that, like in the days of the Antediluvian
Civilizations… else he’ll let someone else do it
And turn his back, like he did, during 9/11!
It is the Satanic Frog I saw in 1984, sitting on
New York’s harbor, waiting, he’s still there.

No: 4510/8-4-2014