Saturday, August 2, 2014

Testimony of the Cosmos

It is victory over matter; it is the marching
Shadows of the dead, in spiritual material!
It is the last atom on earth, and the first atom
Of eternity!
It is ever recurring:
Rhythms and sounds in the fabric of the universe.
It is rhapsody, short-lived (Ephemera)!
But long-lived in God’s cradle!
It is unearthly— 
It is man plumbing into the abysses of space…
It is man’s revel of the mind's eye
It is the eye inside the horsehead of Orion
It is a nebula of conflict
It is the strident voice of man crashing through
The frail boundaries of a flaming dark void!  
It is man with his microscopic desire, roaring
At God, for an infinitesimal look into his
Storeroom: like a gnat roaring at an elephant.
It is beauty, like rebuilding the burnt temple
Of Diana at Ephesus.
It is dark matter witnessing the providential
Design of creation, and life’s: past, present
And ongoing!...
It is mass and matter mixed with gravity—
And underneath it all, it is weight!
It is radical science looking for God in some
Subatomic particle, through Quantum theories!
It is the boson: the particle that carries force
—the God particle!
It is the nature of the soul, and the mystical
Insight to the nature of God!

No: 4505 / 7-31-2014