Sunday, August 10, 2014

Invasion by Russia

Into the Ukraine!

What is Russia doing in the Ukraine?
If it’s not especially frightful, it should be!
Some folks in Europe are asking:
“How could such a thing happen?”
How could they inflict so much suffering?
For no reason!
For a mere whim! Downing plane: 117
Killing 300-passangers, civilians!
Whatever the reason, the doors of
Hospitality are somewhat closed for
Old Mother Russia! Now!
The common-room they once shared
With America and Europe, is cold:
From one end of the floor, on to the top
Of the roof!
There is a window open here, and we
Must act before they decide to stay
And become jailers for the inhabitants
Of the Ukraine.
We must take advantage of this: lest
We get used to the clashing of arms in
This part of the world again.
We must not blame the Ukraine for their
Unfortunate circumstances.
Tell Russia: must we again built an
Immense Wall between them and us?
What would be gained by all sides, by
An insurmountable wall?
Where now they have the whole earth
Spread out before their eyes.
Where by a lofty wall, the western and
The Eastern world, with their great
Populations, would give each very little
Light! Whereas it, already is turning in
To having an effect on communication.
Mr. Putin, open your eyes: even the
Devil knows better: to take slices of
The salami, one piece at a time, thus,
Without notice, ending up with the
Whole salami, and not losing an inch!

No: 4520 (8-10-2014)