Sunday, August 24, 2014

Last Year of Innocence ((Blank Verse) (a Minnesota Poem))

Last Year of Innocence
          ((Blank Verse) (a Minnesota Poem))

I well remember, that that year was young—
A time of raking leaves and birds chippering;
       Beside the many lakes: the fish were biting,
       And tall stocks of corn eager to unfold.

All through that year my shadow walks were bright,
As though a sun cloud waited over my head;
       And this would be my year of transition—
       That is never forgotten, and never replaced.

Long gone this year that held my first dreams:
It vanished like snow long given to the grass;
       Yet tho I know, no other year so innocent
       That brought forth that one youthful first dream:

—part of the dream was called poesy for its depth,
And part called peace, for the year was tender,
       (for I was young, innocent and slender)
       And part called heart-ache, to be lost forever!

No: 4492 (7-27-2014)  / Note: For the curious reader the last year of innocence for me was 1959, I was twelve years old, I wrote my first poem “Who”; the following year 1960, would be the year of chaos, transition, guilt, wild adventures.