Sunday, August 24, 2014

Old man’s Wishful Traveling

(The coming of Old Age)

O h yes, yes, I’d like to travel more,
Like a troubadour;
It’s a constant nagging at my brain,
A pain behind my ear.

Now let me see, where I would like to go:
I’d like to straddle the Tower of Pisa—
And know the feel of the throbbing
Brandenburg Gate, in Berlin.
I’d like to pose, preen and sway,
Coming out of the Potala Palace!

I’d like to admire the background of Tibet.
And then by plane, go see Antarctica,
And if possible, Jordan’s Petra.

I want to see all of this, through my
Astonished eyes; write a poem about
Each place, then set me down to die.

Written: 6-18-2014 (No: 4383)