Saturday, August 9, 2014

Beginnings of a Drunk

(…or, A Young Poet’s Demise)

A quarter life of drinking, requires sometime in life to
Pawn everything that is pawnable, and I did!
Perhaps my difficulty is that I had no one to advise me.
No father, a mother that worked, a gang that drank
Like fish seeking water, and once reached, there was
No end to its aperture; and then an Army career,
Where they all drank like fish too, and to recover, you must
Unlearn bad behavior, for new behavior; and everyone I knew
Was willing to supply my drinking, like a butcher
Or grocer, my credit was good. No one I came in contact with
Was teaching the virtues of sobriety! When possible I wrote
My poetry, lest I get brain-fog, most of that is in my
Book: “The Other Door”, my first book of writings
Dating back to my High School Days.  Back then I
Knew only poor men’s poems, like cheap whisky!
And so, poetry and drinking per near started the same year:
Poetry at twelve, and my first beer at thirteen!
This poem here being the last poem of the day, No: 4517,
About as many beers as I have drank in a year, a good year!
Back in the day, back when I was that fish with an open tab,
With the butcher and grocer, and space to consume…

No: 4516 (8-9-2014)