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The Mohammad Papers (in Poetic Verse)

 “Dr. Dennis L. Siluk, author of 47-books was awarded, ‘Doctor Honoris Causa,’ by the National University of Central Peru, (UNCP) on January, 30, 2012, for his: humanitarian, social and cultural works in Peru…

The Mohammad Papers (in Poetic Verse)
((Year of the Elephant) (Islamic Poetry of a Most Ancient Kind))

Dennis L.  Siluk, Dr. H.c.
                         International Latin Poet Laureate, and Poet Laureate in Peru   

The Mohammed Papers
(Islamic Poetry, of the Most Ancient Kind)
   Copyright © by Dennis L. Siluk, Dr. h.c. 2013

Originally Written in 2008, and Reedited, 2012
Reedited again 8-2014


The Mohammad Papers
((Year of the Elephant) (Islamic Poetry of a Most Ancient Kind))

12—Poems +

Haiku for Evil

Revelations from the Prophet Moss (634 AD)

1—the Prophet Moss
2—“Oh,” from the Grave of Muhammad
3—the Battle of Badr
4—the Coffin Makers
5—the Prophet from the Orphanage
6—the Arrow & the Apple
7—the Underworld
8Story of the Cranes
9—Mecca’s Cry: the Year of Sorrow
10Pledge under the Tree
11—Spirit of the Dark
12—A ´isha Bint Abu Bakr

The Rushdie Connection
((Year of the Elephant) (Islamic Poetry of a Most Ancient Kind))

1— The Devil-masks
((Dedicated to Salman Rushdie) (a narrative poem))

2—Rushdie’s Revenge

The Mohammad Papers
((Year of the Elephant) (Islamic Poetry of a Most Ancient Kind))

Revelations from the Prophet Moss (634 AD)

(Islam Teaches :) During judgment, a person's own “book of deeds” will be given to the person, and they will be apprised of every action they did and every word they spoke (Qur'an 54.52-53). If given in the right, that Person will go to Jannah (paradise). If he gets it in his left hand, he's going to Jahannam (Hell). The Qur'an states that some sins can condemn someone to Hell (the same as: Sheol or Tartarus). These include: lying, dishonesty, corruption, ignoring God or God's revelations, denying the resurrection, refusing to feed the poor, indulging in opulence, ostentation, and oppressing or economically exploiting others.[12] However, if someone had the true Islamic belief in their heart, then they will eventually be allowed into paradise after their just punishment (and so was written).

Haiku for Evil

No one goes and does
evil in the name of God;
that is Satan’s work.


Muhammad, the Islamic Prophet was born in the “Year of the Elephant,” and died at the age of sixty-two of an illness, in the year 632 AD.

In these few short poems, one may gather up the nature of Muhammad, perhaps better than several book combined, without any biases; they express his nature more than his deeds than anything else, according to historical data, and Moss a prophet of Muhammad’s time.

Letter: I

Moss, the Great Prophet from Medina
634 AD

The Prophet Moss
(From the Echoes of the Archangels)

Moss, a great prophet of his day,
stood between heaven and earth,
so it is written, and saw
the immensity of the very pillars
of heaven, and saw the winds
turn the course of the sun to dance
saw the stars as they fell
beneath the clouds, and angels
held them from falling further,
lifting them back up in place,
as they were flaming
day and night to carrying them to a
far off nebula. And thereafter,
he heard a voice cry:
“Prophet of the earth, listen, mark
down these words, keep them far
from the pit, which lies in the crust
of the earth—and  let not the foundation
under the waters hear nor listen,
save, they steal these words
and make havoc with them.

Break down the pillars of Satan,
tell the truth to the earth of Satan’s curse,
from the beginning, for it has now
turned into a mystery…I give you
revelations of Muhammad!

#2270/ 2-16-2008 (inspired 6:30 PM)

Letter: II

“Oh,” from the Grave of Muhammad

Inspired by Raguel (archangel)

“Oh!” Surprised by death
was—Muhammad, at sixty-two?
He suffered from anger and hate,
filaments he had inside his breast:
madness— war and more war;
he lays now in his grave
pondering his illness,
covered with sand…
his soul in a washbasin.
His mouth calling: “Oh Allah, Allah!”
from the dead;
he was surprised that God did not let him in:
into heaven that is:
perhaps because no one had heard of Allah
before, whomever Allah was!…

Alas! Death came with no other

#2261/ 2-16-2008 (Revelation received, 3:00 PM)

Letter: III

The Battle of Badr
(A Revelation from the angel Uriel to Moss)

There will be blood in the sand tonight—
Like gravy over meat
Dead bodies eating soil, vultures chewing
Hearts from corpses
Eyes plucked out, of their sockets, like
Candles in a twist—
And I see Muhammad hiding in a cave,
Safe, watching all this—
Yesterday he walked tall, like a peacock
Among men of the world
Today he’s evasive hiding behind shadows
And trees like a squirrel
Like a frightened little girl.

#2262/ 2-16-2008

Letter: IV

The Coffin Makers
(Revelation given to Moss from Michael)


Here is what Moss heard in those far-off days,
There were cries from 10,000-voices:
“We are Islam, Islam, and Islam…
“There is but one God, Allah!
“We are the coffin makers,
“We are Death!
“We pack bodies in carts like potatoes.
“We are the best, the very best, of the
“Coffin Makers, for our Islamic quests
“We are justified, defending our faith:
“We need coffin makers, make no mistake.”


Letter V

The Prophet from the Orphanage
(A Revelation from Gabriel to Moss)

He eats the hearts of men
spits them out thin as fingernails—;
his followers threaten even the Pope
or any man, of speech, and freedom
if they do not listen, take heed.
He was once an orphan,
now he’s Islam. Once a poor
broken tool, ornament, whom
decided to make a religion
to free a people
(from the bondage of many gods
he sought to make men despise hogs)—
then held them hostage,
corralled them like dogs, made them
accountable—put  his new world order
under his heel—he had them pledge
life and limb to his whims, as they cried
in duress; thus, he simply added:
“I am the word of God, Allah,” but
who was Allah? It was the first anyone
had heard of him: not from the far past
nor to this present day,  so, he was new,
created by the none other than  
prophet from the Orphanage, as if to be
God’s pupil.

#2264/ 2-16-2007)

       Letter VI

The Arrow & the Apple

Inspired by Lucifer (undetected until now He was pretending to be, Raguel, who takes vengeance for the world)

       Hell’s High Tower

And Raguel heard Satan whisper to Moss, as he was sitting on a mountain top, looking down upon the land
(and here is what he wrote in his scriptures):

“You are a knife in my side Moss, I gave Muhammad messages and you try to poison my words, the very words I gave to him; give them lies, lies, big lies, small ones they detect, oh yes—yes, they detect: big ones they never check. You are my infection! Yet I must admit I’ve been getting much attention out of this, those letters you now write for posterity, will not be discovered until the 21st Century.

“What harm have I done you? None! Did I make you insane, as I have a certain other prophet? No! Have I made your heart sour, as I’ve done too many others before you, no! And here you sit on a mountain top, overlooking the roofs of the city, and praying to God, —my antagonist, is this not true?

”Muhammad is dead, get that in your head, he’s still under my wing, my pillow, under my stirrups; and you, to you I  will give all you wish, like I did for Muhammad, and this is what I get in return, ingratitude.”

(And that was that.)

#2267/ 2-16-2008 (Muhammad was 62-years old when he died, in the year 632 AD)

Letter VII

The Underworld

(Revealed by Saraqa’el the Archangel, Guide for Moss, while touring Heaven)

Moss, the Great Prophet of Medina, wanderer of the wastelands in 633 AD, wrote the following revelation, as he had ascended into the atmosphere:

“Birds turned into plums and apples; a wind swept me up into the heavens, I thought my body would turn into a corpse, I went so fast, hanging onto Saraqa’el, tightly on his back, I twisted and twirled, and almost lost my grip. Then the birds disappeared, and there I was… I was seventy-three years, at this time, and this great archangel, my guide, introduced me to Adam, Abraham, Moses, and Jesus, and then I looked about for Muhammad, and then asked, ‘Where is this great, great, great man, prophet of God?’ The very one I did not see? And an angel by the name of Gabriel answered, ‘I think he’s down yonder taking a nap.’ I hesitated to ask, where yonder was, in fear, Gabriel may think I was snooping, and that just would not do. Then I asked again, and another angel answered, ‘I’ll tell you where yonder is, if you write me a poem?’ I paused to see if he was serious, and he definitely was. I did not feel great by all means. Then I heard an echo, a deep, deep echo that ascended from below: another angel said, here is his voice, and I listened carefully, and it said: ‘Idiot prophet, I’m dead, dead, dead, will you take my place down here instead? … Devils got me by the tail, hurry up, make up your mind, I’m the great prophet of all time!’ I didn’t say a word, I just wanted to go back to earth, and see those birds.”

#2268/ 2-16-2008

Letter VIII

“Story of the Cranes”
(Inspired from the spirit voice of Rufael, the Archangel)

The “Story of the Cranes” also known
as the Satanic Verse, involves
Muhammad and three Meccan
Goddesses. I lived through these times,
the account holds true, that Muhammad
pronounced a verse, acknowledging the
existence of these three, considered to be
the daughters of Allah—henceforth,
praising them he did, and thereafter
appealing for their intercession.

According to my observations, Muhammad
later retracted his statements, the verses,
saying Gabriel had instructed him to do so;
Satan had gotten him to drink a little I think
And he missed up his prophecy.
Anyhow he retracted the blaspheme,  
Just in the nick of time, I see.

Note: In the tenth century this was rejected as a false entry of his life, yet it stood the test of time, for 350-years, until one day, woops, it is no longer history. 2269 2-15-2008 (1:30 AM, received revelation)


Letter IX

Mecca’s Cry: the Year of Sorrow
(As remembered from the mouth of Moss the Prophet)

His heart beat like the sea
his anger was as if he had bees in his mouth;
Mecca became a dead city
after all the killings
(10,000-soldiers strong, he conquered
them, butchered them like hogs).
The flies had a feast…, for
they tore open their bellies like beasts!
Their heads severed, rolled off,
down the streets—;
they would not listen,
they would not stop
they simply killed and killed,
as if, in a death march.

#2271/2-16-2008 (10: 50 PM)

Letter: X

“Pledge under the Tree”
(A Revelation from Muhammad Himself to Moss)

The Devil Incarnate (made flesh, for a moment)

While in the process of conquering the lands of Arabia (624 AD to 632 AD):

       “I wanted everything, the houses, the dogs, hogs, ropes, and jewels, even the souls, the family heritage, even the food every morsel of food, everything, and when the people who did not bend their wills to mine, I wanted to kill their wills all the more, all the time; whoever was left, ate chicken bones. My army, had pledged their lives to me, their souls, to die for me, to kill, to kill to the very end of their days for me, it was really all about me: to battle, be it man, women, child, even virgins, kill them all I had commanded; they died like chickens and hens; twenty eyes like volcanoes came and butchered them.
       “There is never a silence in my head now, only teeth that grind on top of death and death waits. It comes each day, in shockwaves, the vibrating twitching of muscles like swords clashing. I killed so many with no reason; it was a good and bad season of red rain, in my day of blood and no mercy!

       “I try to swallow my memories nowadays, but they keep coming back, chaining me deep into oblivion. Not even laughter helps anymore, and when these macabre details come back, they are luminous, like a lantern.

“Once upon a time, I was a young man, and I lived on earth, for no reason, and I died for no reason, and thought I could bring fame with me, and I learned, there was no reason nor room in hell to store it.”

#2272/ 2-16-2008 (11:15 PM)

Note: Muhammad, in the course of his battling with his enemies, he had his followers make a pledge to their death, called, “Pledge under the Tree,” perhaps this is where the suicide bombers got their credo, to the death.

Letter: XI

Spirit of the Dark

Powerful Grand Duke of Hell
powerful demon, of 29-infernal legends in hell:
once a unicorn, once a human, you come in many forms:
thou bends to the music of heaven, commands
at will the trumpets of hell—yea plays
and the trees sway: who art thou
who comes in the form of
familiars (dogs and cats
bats and rats…) you’re
a legend from hell?
so some say, one in the form
of Muhammad! Thus, a curse
to us, ordinary people of this thin world.

Mote: There is a Christian, belief, or call it folklore, that Muhammad was born on the day, year and month considered the Mark of the Beast, 666 AD, and not on 634 AD, as  history has recorded it, and that he was the beast incarnate, the devil, or at best, a simply demon. #2264/2-17-2008.

Letter: XII

A Poetic Sketch on:

A´isha Bint Abu Bakr
Inspired by Sure’el (archangel of trembling)

(Wife of the Prophet)

Mohammad the Prophet, had 13-wives. Aisha was his 3rd, and a very, very, very young one—she was, said to have been nine-years old, and the only virgin. Sawda, his second, so it is recorded, yet there is a conviction Aisha may have been his second instead, but did not make love to her until after He wed Sawda, being so very, very, very young ((`A´isha Bint Abu Bakr)(she who lives))

`A´isha Bint Abu Bakr: mother of believers: so it was, in older times, one often married to strengthen ties, with families, clans, with other armies, and kingdoms, and so it has been suggested, Muhammad did just that, similar to Alexander the Great.

Aisha, lived with her parents to the age of nine, when the marriage was consummated. Thus, after the wedding, it is reported, Aisha continued to play with her dolls and toys, in Medina, in 622 AD.

It seems history records she was his most favoured wife, and he received most of his revelations when she was in his presence. And even though it might have been motivated for other reasons, they did become fond of each other and blessed by heaven.

It has been also written, Aisha had gone looking for her necklace, one morning, and her caravan had taken off, left her behind, unnoticed, and soon after a stranger found her, brought her back to the caravan, and was thereafter called an adulteress, until that is, until Muhammad got a new revelation from heaven, clearing her of any such doings and charges.

After Muhammad’s death in 632 AD, at the age of 62, Aisha’s father became the leader of the people, the new found religion, Islam, but his leadership was to be a short run, only two years, and he gave it to Umar; whom ruled for ten years, and was followed by another leader, thereafter.

End Note: It would seem, or at least it does to me, Aisha, was a learned woman, who—throughout her remaining years—gave stories to the Muslim world about her husband. Of her own time she must had been quite valuable as a historian. She is now of course, revered as a model for Islamic Woman. She also raised an Army, and fought against Ali, her step-son in-law. She was quite a woman indeed.   #2260/ 2-16-2008 (Inspired at 2:00 AM

The Rushdie Connection
(Two Poems)


The Devil-masks
((Dedicated to Salman Rushdie) (a narrative poem))

He says he owns his own words, Salman Rushdie, but changes Muhammad to
       Mohound, and, that sounds to me like satirical verse, perhaps narration at its worse, perchance nearing its truth, satanically, but recklessly. It’s
       all a devil’s mask, to tell the truth— Rushdie has his own reasons why, but my best guess it is his kind of way of telling a lopsided
       story from long ago, bringing it back to its upright position—perhaps as it should be, who’s to say, but somehow he nails it down to its heels and knees, he
       moves close to Islamic blasphemy, or could we call it the unpardonable sin?... , possibly so, if he was only a Muslim: especially with his
       polytheistic–deities, whom Muhammad tried to fix, implying what he memorized and spoke of, was a Satanic trick. But I must confess, he says it best, in his own words: twisting and changing the old facts, changing the devil-masks.

#3481 (12-5-2012)


Rushdie’s Revenge (a poem)

Salman Rushdie, a man with no hair on his tongue—
A man with no blood in his face—
Cleaver as a fox, a snake in the grass, ready to attack!
His words in “The Satanic Verses,” are out of anger
       and frustration, perhaps some disgrace…
Whose plots are surely Islamic comic, even if he says not!
Who loves the world’s money, and perhaps would kill
       himself for the 3.3—million fatwa reward, if indeed he could
       live to spend it of course.
Surreal as it may be, he makes a monkey out of Khomeini,
       and Muhammad, it’s plain to see…!
With its magical realism and its dream like sequences,
       parallel stories and sub-plots (how many have died
for his freedom of speech: of which he holds no responsibility
but wants his rights?)
I guess what I’m trying to say, and to say in all honesty,
He’s a great actor, writer he is not, that’s plain to see,
       complex yes, but nonetheless, gobbledygook, like
       “Finnegans Wake” or for that matter: dark as Blake.
Yet, his dream-visions narratives cross the seas…
From Mecca to Jaipur, to the underground brothels of
       New York City…and has caused controversy—but
In all this do we see? How about a man laughing,
      and running to the bank by Union Square in
New York City?
#3480 (12-3-2012)

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This book: “The Muhammad Papers” consist of twelve poems.   It is a staggering rareness of work by any poet’s convection, one with a poet’s deep-seated whole personality involved.

The distinguishing qualities of Dr. Siluk’s works are its natural remarkable narrative facility.

Back picture is of the Author   Dr. Siluk, just before visiting the sight of the Sphinx, outside of Cairo Egypt, 1998.