Monday, August 4, 2014

A Lonely Soldier Confined In Augsburg! (1970)

A German-Jew, a lovely Kraut, catches my eye!
The Fraulein, Chris and I, we’ve been dating some
She stretching out her outer skirt—
It baths my imaginative, the inner-eye!
Near the Black Forest, we made love in her car!
No punching time clocks, rounds and rounds.
Surely the young lieutenants would have
squawked like chickens to get under those skirts.
And when she’s at the Military caserne,
she sets the GI’s on fire?
Her German speech makes my muscles harden.
I had her a fifty times in eight months.
Oh, yes, yes, we squirm like a bowl of crickets!
Sparking at every touch and contact!
She could give one an electric shock—
A power-house of ripples!
Bot slaves to the habit of pleasure—
Shooting like starlight to the moon!
Each subnormal boost, weakens my heart—
Pulsing the egg like nerves.

No: 4508/8-4-2014