Sunday, August 24, 2014

Sea-Surge (Canton I) (From: ‘Natural Life Studies’)

Sea-Surge   (Canton I)
(From: ‘Natural Life Studies’)

The old man listens closely for the sea-surge—
Listens closely to its rough yet purring sound,
It almost dazzles him tranquil; he’ll write a poem on it later.
“Old ears, old ears, can you hear the surge?” he mumbles.
“Yes,” his intermediate mind replies?
((over the surge and murmur of the rough and purring waves
hitting the upper part of the bluff, is where the old man is standing)).
“Old Homer was blind as bat” the old man murmurs
“—yet he wrote the Iliad…” he’s astound, “I’ll write about the surge”
The Sea-surges, and the waves lap over his feet— he doesn’t
Give a hoot “... they’ve been wet before, wetter,” he mumbles.
“Old ears, old ears can you hear the sea-surging?” he cries.
“Yes,” sounds’ like the reply, so the old man acknowledges.
Then tries to listen harder, clings to those wet rocky edges
Behind him. The sun is bright today, as if it is stunned above his head!
He is in bed sleeping, dreaming of when he was a young man in
Sydney, Australia, in’71, on leave from the Vietnam War—
That was some forty-plus-years ago, he tells his intermediate mind!
He doesn’t want to wake up… he wants to live it all over again! 

Written: 6-18-2014 (No: 4384)