Saturday, August 9, 2014

The Drunk’s Conclusion:

No personal tale is complete without bringing the narrative, poetic or prose down to its last moment, or conclusion. In this case a working reformed drunkard. I can say now there appears in my system no organic need for alcohol. My chemistry does no longer demand it.  I have weighted it now for thirty-years! But I reached the conclusion, I will drink as I need it, but I have no need for it. You see first it becomes a habit of mind, then it changes one’s chemistry, to be a physical craving. Not so unlike tobacco, or cocaine, or morphine. I’ve discovered most drinkers do not drink alone; it is a social custom, then a habit, then a must. So we have three needs: mental, social and physical.  So what is my problem?  I do not care to revisit all those drunken days of yesteryear that is why I do not drink. I can’t find the word in the dictionary, but my sobriety means all the words in the dictionary what they are meant to mean. I want nobody or anything to control me; never again, I have buried white logic.  Let Mr. Barleycorn, sleep soundly!