Tuesday, August 19, 2014

The Death of Robin Williams

Robin Williams died last week; they say it was a suicide.
Who is Robin Williams?
Just another actor, but it blinded us with surprise,
He was sixty-three years old.
And so many are wondering in silences the nothings!
He was kind of a flashing fish…in our pond of life!
Like most actors, he too will be quickly forgotten by the
Media, and by his audiences in little to no time.
Actors die adolescents; and life more often than not
Is off-key for them;
Genius often hums the stage dead.
And life must terminate.
I would suppose he had a lifetime of knotting, undoing
This and that like a fishnet of tarred rope!
The fish are eaten, now to nail the net on the wall.

No: 4524 (8-19-2014) © Dennis L. Siluk, dr.h.c.