Saturday, August 2, 2014

The Calf Woman

Love the calf woman if you wish, but do not marry her…
Pick out one with a flame, who laughs at life, as well as death, and loves with all the love inside her bosoms.
Who loves God first and foremost, and you second, and your children third—
The other one, woman, will simply love you as a product, and put you into her sheltered life.
They are afraid to live life.
The difference is this:
One is a blazing butterfly, the other a little gray moth.
Moths you grow tired of… (and they eat your cloths)
Do you want to live?
Leave the pest-holes of the city and find her, before your bones rot; and you die!
If you want to understand thirst, go without water for three days… (food, for two weeks)
Harsh as it sounds you’ll achieve your quest, I’ve done the latter!
If you want to understand women, come to the realization they are different, who or what, only they know;
And so, live a better and feverish life, and let that part of thinking go!
Now my dear readers, I must go back to my little space in the cosmic dust, from whence I came—

No: 4500/7-30-2014