Monday, August 4, 2014

Lady with the White Cadillac

Lady with the White Cadillac
((1969) (San Francisco/confessional))

Once this meager Midwestern egg from Minnesota
at her encouragement, sought this lusty, woman
with the white Cadillac, all woman, thought he!
Many revolved on their heels to approach
and joke with her: “Look, he’s too middle west!”

But cozy frays we had, a few obscenities, too!
Lust that would drag a cheerer to his knees.
And during this fervor, cracked lutes played light—
Tension on my backbone! Near every night!
I kicked the pillows when she lift; scorned lies!

I was a sparrow, at twenty, she a hawk, at thirty-one.
Alas, my brutal boyish mood-swing low, drove
her irate, sprained and shaky, too thick
to sleep in my single bed throughout the night!

She feared the fate of queens, who died in sport.
So she cut me short—
Like a hub taken out of a carriage-wheel!

No: 4509/8-4-2014