Thursday, May 16, 2013

Watching Dogs

The dogs, I’ve been watching them across the street in Cherry Park,
       now, going on seven years—
I feel affection for them, I really do— (there are several of them at any
       given day or time)
They don’t seek or demand or expect eternal life, —I’m sure if they
       knew about it, they’d not throw it away.
But what I really notice is that they ask only to eat, sleep in the
       course of a full day, to be: loved, played with, appreciated,
       respected, each looking at me (or perhaps any person will do)
Wondering, with bewilderment (large and small alike)
All with lit lanterns inside their fluttering eyes, wondering, always
       wondering and always in bewilderment, on a windy night or
       sunny day—
I’ve come to the conclusion—all dogs in Cherry Park (or for that
       matter,  perhaps in the world)
Yield to the doors of mystery, and die in the unknown, (knowing all
       along, man had the answer they were looking for).

#3879 (4-26-2013)