Thursday, May 16, 2013

The Cataratas of Iguazú (The Great Falls of Brazil)

I tell you God’s footprint—called Iguaçu is beautiful, —
It’s as if the waters of the falls were blessed…
As if God, Himself ten-thousand years ago made a
Promise—and kept it, —that it would never be less!...

They cast the most jubilant light to the eye—to the
Sky!  Each drop of water, every drop of water:
Some wild, some calm, all longing to reach somewhere
Someone: to outdo the other, as they sing and hum,
Beat like drums, slap your face, and drench your body,
Blind your eyes at times… (Don’t stand too close!)

So many colors at Iguaçu, so many rainbows too:
They never, never, —Ever, really end! . . .

 #3734 (3-11-2013) /For; Dra. Gladys Margot Miguel Villar