Thursday, May 16, 2013

A Family Problem

I don’t know how it all started, really I don’t know!
Perhaps we were all impersonators—(by chance)
Possibly they were always irritated, with me.

Plainly, nothing was clear between us, —evidently!
—why did the silent cold war start? (and when?)
“What are you thinking?” no one asked that question.

I said to Rosa: “You’ll have to ask my Children, if
Indeed they still can remember.” She replied, dry eyed:
“I tried, I really tried…I don’t want to be on their side.”

#3840 (4-14-2013)

Note: a Minnesota Poem; American Version of the Ghazal form/Confessional style poetry/ Poetic Prose (for: Cody, Shawn and Zaneta)