Thursday, May 16, 2013

Waiting on the Devil (Lima, Peru)

I sit on my patio roof, trying to read poetry, and what do I hear but the echoing of words by the devil, after a moment he’s silent, I resume my waiting (no need to ask what he’s saying it’s always nonsense; more of the same…).
       More of his current—his air flow of gobbledygook descends over my shoulder, some settling down upon my ears, knuckles. “Where is he?” I ask myself—“Leave me be” I demand but like a giant moth he leans his antenna-like-tentacles over one of those building roof tops over looking my patio—his gossip, propaganda  again reaches me, touches my skin—the skin feels each touch long afterwards.
       To fight him one must be, serrated, and have battlements “Oh, oh, how many visitors do we have today,” I whisper, looking about building to building. They all have masks on.
       “All right,” I say out loud, and I hear a laugh from the building kitty-corner from my house, it’s him I’m sure, with his furious exaltation, and raging triumph, perhaps masquerading in one of those bricklayers, laying bricks.

#3876 (4-24-2013)