Thursday, May 16, 2013

Days with Sun and Rain (Haiti—1986)

Blue-Hill, The tonal (2011)/the author was there in 1986

The sun goes down in the dusty July nights, cools the earth
       quite nice, in the high and low lands of Haiti.
The sun when it’s provoking goes round and round:
       compelling, intoxicating with its massive heat and fire.
It moves swiftly through the forest foliage, up the mountain
       pathways driven into villages….
The sun is likened to a bronze devil walking the edge of this
       part of the world— doubled up with suffocating sulphur—
Then it rains (not often but it rains)!
And when it does, you can see the whole moon drenched:
       the earth is like a shadowy pond; in parts, a muddy dried
       up riverbed.

No: 3034 ((Written out in poetic form 8-28-2011; revised 4-22-2013) (from 1986-notes when the author was in Haiti on a Missions trip for two weeks)) Photo above, Past. Naason Mulatre, the author’s dear friend for 26-years.