Thursday, May 16, 2013

Hungry Shadows, in Ranquitte

What colour is hunger? I don’t really know myself, but I do know it
       has a thin shadow,  and with sunlight it has none—
It looks sort of like a starved old lion, maybe a horse, and a camel
       with dried up humps (I’ve seen them in Egypt, too).
I discovered these shadows in Haiti back in 1986—in Ranquitte!...
People there live on a dust and dirt floor; like in the market place,
       the inhabitation in Ranquitte, is a story unto itself.
One of my idle wishes was back then, was to feed some…
But I found so many, scraping the dirt and stone, squatted in the
       marketplace, sweet faces, infinite: uncertain with painful care! Selling: a few eggs, nearly skeleton fish: I bought some, alone with
       some hard breaded biscuits, picked out a family with many kids
       and gave it all  to them…
And then went to eat my goat stew, which was delicious!

#3891 (4-30-2013)