Thursday, May 16, 2013

Time’s Running Out

Friend, it’s not time to give up hope of the Rapture.
We may have to live life without it though.
Carl Sagan thinks flying saucers will carry us away.

The old man at the old folks farm, puts the King of Hearts
Down, spits in the spittoon, nicotine stains his fingers
Babies are being born; he knows he’s run his course…!

The yellow eyes of wolves in the forest reminds us a lot
About the deficiency of mercy; after each funeral we feel
A little less safe, why? We’ll soon meet our maker.

Friend, Christ has done away with original sin—it’s called:
‘Through Baptism’: yet we are still stuck here between
Heaven and Hell, we got to do our work and live like Christians!

#3778 (2-27-2013)