Thursday, May 16, 2013

The Temple of Diane (Evora, Portugal, 143-miles from Lisbon, 8-1998)

Evora, and the Temple of Diane, which was built by the Romans, still    stands today, unmoved, drawn into something like sleep—yet it has its victorious past.  Roman engineers, built this immoral or almost immoral temple, perhaps dreamed how to place ever stone, giving a new shape to the air, and when they approached it I’m pretty certain the people breathed sparingly, some with a hush, others with a whisper. Today, in the fall of my life, or perhaps more towards winter, the steps are now crumbling, perhaps in a generation, a handful of grains, in a another hundred years or more, no more than a melted down hill of sand, but today, today I climbed those steps without falling off its rundown edges, or its wide-brimmed rim, around its platform. It was impatient to write this to you, because I do not want to waste time.

#3890 (4-30-2013)