Thursday, May 16, 2013

The Old Ancient Law of Dying

So much of nature gives up their lives without complaining: the birds, dogs, the ants and frogs, the China rose that lives but a day, and the leaves that fall off  trees, they all say: ‘All doors yelled to time,” but we hang onto Jacob’s Ladder with brass fingers…unwilling to let go, die; perhaps afraid (?) —
       one foot up, one foot down…trying to avoid the grave! 
And in doing so, we stand on that ladder a long, very long time in the

My mother, when she knew death was not far off, when she could no more accomplish tasks, lay down by life, God and others, cried out: “I’m okay with it, who would want to live like this anyhow, you?” And she gave up life without a complaint!

#3882 (4-26-2013)