Wednesday, May 15, 2013

The Eyes of North Korea ((Short Poetic Prose anecdotes) (March 4, 2013))

So you would like to know why they hate each other today. No doubt it will be easier for them to understand this cause and effect than others, than for me to explain—for example, short days for us, seemingly long days for them. Why the round-cheeked soldier boys are pulled along like line leashed dogs? Why all the outstretched arms and all the generals decorated in North Korean style, like a colorful cocktail. Why straight in front of them, is a road to their neighbor they never use. Why the graying bearded men, having done little to nothing about it, carried on like little creatures too feeble to walk. Everyone, I mean everyone performing duties like little children, those not in uniform are most likely to be all dressed in rages; while Pak Pong-ju the new premier face is so serious.
       Why the US B-2 stealth bombers? Why are they doing flyovers on the Korean peninsula? Why is there no peace treaty signed since 1953? Why has nobody done anything for five-years concerning Pyongyang? Which would happen to be Obama’s call?  Why have we sent the USS John McCain, destroyer to that ‘dangerous’ and ‘reckless’ spot? Is China waiting for an explosion, testing the waters between one and the other: watching three countries play chicken? Don’t they all know, what is not done today, will have to be done tomorrow? And what will tomorrow bring? We all know the fires on that peninsula will be put out soon, but that today is not the real threat, it is tomorrow not only North Korea is looking at but China.  Do not think these people do not have their eyes wide-open, they want to make it unbearable, they want to become the manager of the cafĂ©—figuratively speaking, and get the free lunch.
       You see friend, how difficult it is to understand Kim Jong Un, who seemingly is choosing to be provocative, nothing new for the North side of the Korean peninsula. Be wrong just once, just one simple time being stupid, just once for old time sake being wrong in the calculations, and the eyes of this little country—that feels no shame, will blacken the eyes and the skies over: Japan, Guam, or South Korea, and maybe Alaska, and maybe California—that is to say, if blackmailing the entire world doesn’t work maybe this will get everyone’s attention, isn’t that what it is all about?
       That’s all that I got to say, it should matter, but most likely it doesn’t, America sees a necessity in waiting; I don’t know their game plan, so all I can do, and you can do is guess. And all I can say, is it doesn’t feel too safe, so what does that mean? Perhaps, raise the taxes, to build more weapons, to feel safer, maybe that is the game.

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