Thursday, May 16, 2013

Bees Climbing over Bees

How busy the bee
Just watching them
Inspires solitude, and
Striving….in me!
As if they have no eyes.
Bee eggs lying on the floor
Of the hive
Swift little wings folded
On their backs—
Climbing over one another…
How did God find the time (?)

#3837 (4-14 2013)

Note: a nature poem: while in the central jungle of Peru, called: Satipo the author had quite the experience with a wasp hive (2009), undressing to go under one of the waterfalls, noticing the hive above him to his side, that it was busy with life, and here he was ready to move it out of his way, until he heard the buzzing…the author is inspired by the diversity of the Taoist nature poem.