Thursday, May 16, 2013

The Son-in-Law (With the devil’s tongue)

The shrewd one, so he thinks he is: the boaster, gossiper, the sad
       one: is who he really is.
Helpless to predict his next laborious task, next step...move!
He simply stands still.
Lazy as the day is long—and night!
Wider than a whale, far out to sea.
Unfortunately, he’s my son-in-law!
Atheist, lightly touched by the devil, he’s nothing but trouble.
I repeat: he’s a boaster, gossiper, and what little he really knows
       proves a little more than gossip,  other than day from night.
What he makes up along the way, is by no means his own, boasting
       belonging to the devil’s crowd.
His walled-in head, and thoughts, and under whose earth he will be
       buried, he
Laughs: as if he is unconscious to the fact, that there is such a
       being called the devil, and for that matter, God.
 And so I say, with all sincerity and sorrow, let the wrenched be with
       the wrenched, the fools with the fools, all doors sooner or later

#3875 (4-24-2013)