Thursday, May 16, 2013

Out to Old Aunt Betty’s ((A Minnesota Poem) (Poetic Prose))

First picture, Left, Elsie (1920-2003) the author’s mother; and to the right, Aunt Betty (1985); the second picture, left
Is the author, with his older brother (Mike), around 1957?

Wasn’t it something, brother of mine, in those far-off days of lost
Our youth, when the weekends came, out to old Aunt Betty’s we
       went visiting—playing cards, or Monopoly?
It all comes back to me today, —as I am old, and you are gray.
Yet we patter from day to day, awry…
Why, I can see us now, in the kitchen, cardboard table, a deck of
And her face, and your face and my face too, and there is mother
       drinking coffee, Betty also…

#3866 (4-21-2013)
Note: here the poet tries to convey in the simplest language the richness of the world around us, in this case one that is part of the past.