Thursday, May 16, 2013

Knee-Deep in August ((Huancayo, Peru) (Poetic Prose))

Little Girl from Huancayo

I’ll tell you what I’d like to do—best! In the month of August, — Some afternoon, in Huancayo, Peru I’d like to just mosey about the Plaza de Arms, like I used to do.  Sit on a bench and rest. Feel the breeze coming through the mountains, and do anything else!  I like to watch the pigeons on the old Cathedral roof dive for corn the kids throw about; observe the ice cream venders moseying about, it all catches my interest. I like scrutinizing the sparrows as they climb up some tree…maybe find a nest tucked away in some branches. Read a good book of poetry, fall to sleep knee-deep in the breeze of August.

#3864 (4-21-2013)

Note: Poetic Prose, or metered poetry, or rhyme, it all doesn’t matter, however the writer wants his work written out, there is no reason why he cannot do so. In some cases I use Poetic Prose Rhyme. Poetry is no more limited than literature is in general. Poetry of course is more selective, short, and it may produce more images than prose.  It is all a matter of getting out truth one way or another. Here the poet tries to avoid sentimentally and produce everyday objects, recreate the world of experience: which can be done in poetic prose, or even an essay; trying to avoid the drabness and the inadequacy of metered poetry: hence, we see: mountains, pigeons, a tree branches, etc.