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((Worlds Beyond) (with Dr. G.B. McGee)) The Privative and Inestimable World (Part Two to: “McGee’s Dark Eden”)(A SF Vignette))

 ((Worlds Beyond) (with Dr. G.B. McGee)) 

Dr. McGee, seemingly lost on this new sphere, if not seriously trapped for the moment, which he ordained the Dark Planet, after its Galaxy burped all its guts, and gases up and out of its black hole, to form this new world and tiny galaxy, was at this point not a happy camper, not completely on this sempiternal world for a year. On 366th Day, his mind stirred when shadows appeared in far-off distance: ‘Are they friendly shadows?’ he questioned in his mind. He or she shadows? Primitive or civilized shadows, they looked like human being, whatever kind of shadows they were. Then he hears female voices; there is a strange warmth to those voices he invokes, and per near a fervor develops, he drops his fruit, devouring it no more. The closer the voices come, the more aroused he becomes. He now moves branches in his way, the sun blotches his vision slightly, shaking his head, putting an elephant type leaf over his head for a hat, he recoiled his vision quickly, he waved madly as to be seen by the shadows, in the far-off distance.  They are females, young and lovely. Without pause, he keeps waving his hands in burning contentment. The closer they come the more primitive they look, on this infinite and inestimable world.

(Interlude: McGee would learn in time, there was a village of women, taken from Earth during the 14th century, and these were the remnants of that village, for most all died of the plague but those now who were but approaching shadows, —were the survivors!  Brought somehow to this invaluable world, perhaps through a gateway, by whom? Who’s to say? Brought to this location by alarm, yet this was a new twilight for him, perhaps the reason he was brought, in the first place, if not for his DNA alone than for to examine their primitive intelligence and somehow accomplish in years what would take centuries: to upgrade their heritability, that is to say he knew by evidence people are more or less all the same, intelligence is a giftedness by God, of a people within a civilization, which is a better answer than determining a race is less intellect because of its race, but rather because of its advancement within that race. Environment, nutrition, being factors, admixture with another race, domestication. Intermarriage spreads mental traits. Epistemology, the production of knowledge, was the key, an old philosophy by the Greeks, in the study of the nature of knowledge.  That it was learned by preceding generation after generation, one’s logic, the difference between primitive and civilized is like irrationality to rationality, one must work on habitual mental operations. And he could teach them.  For they looked in need. It was at this juncture also, he no longer feared the long eared giant flora that seemed to guard this world, and gave him a strange feel on his pathways.  And to be frank, they appeared to withdraw their gloomy look. Perhaps they knew this race of down and outs, and actually had an outlook for them. And was hoping McGee was their savior, to bring forth a newer and better, and more intellectual future.)

Thought Dr. Butch McGee, “Why did these women survive, I mean how?”
       Always a scientist, he pondered this question long and hard. Did they have part of the Gerome of the Neanderthal like him?   Really all humans did not come from the same ancestors, but yes, all belonged to one family, humanity, he concluded. So they survived from the DNA of the Denisovans. It is hard said, but the truth is the truth, these women were survivors because of their immune system. Now his question was to his second mind: could a billion years be interjected into a million, or better said, can one decade upgrade their primitive logic to a more, advancement to the 21st Century’s way of thinking, or at least could they clutch onto is corners?  That said, could he be the injecting of an anesthesia into their thinking, and reasoning? He would try.

       McGee cohabitated with all seven women, and it came to mind in those early months, how quickly oxygen became so plentiful throughout the Dark Planet, becoming a part of this sphere, evidently only taking 1.5 million years, compared to earth’s atmosphere that perhaps took four billion years to form; again he knew, the dimensions in space were different, like at the beginning of the universe, its physics were not the same as it was today. As the universe expanded, so did its physics, its chemistry, its makeup, its learning, just like his seven wives. It was a mystery of mysteries, a quantum mystery.
       He measured the air, every five few months, for the decade he was to remain on this orb: the molecules being O2 consequently he knew eukaryotic cells (being a single cell or multicellular organism) had good nuclei, and two sets of walls, a special protein bond and contact with the DNA, this protected the DNA, which protects the chromosomes. Therefore, whoever wanted the race renewed was willing to experiment with tribal interbreeding and those now in place, being: he and his wives and now his children, were but the bottom of the iceberg, the peak yet to be seen, and not seen for another generation.  By and large, his children would have a strong immune system indeed, and an upgrade of intelligence of five centuries.

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Note: Part II, to “McGee’s Dark Eden” original name “The Sempiternal World” to is more legendry story, now called “The Privative and Inestimable World”