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Voyage To the 10th Planet ((Worlds beyond) (SF Vignette))

   ((Worlds Beyond) (with Dr. G.B. McGee/and Dr. D.))
     In Poetic Prose


In earlier times one would not be able to explain this adjustable journey with any credibility, and to be up front it has all been kept secret over a  half century-plus, upon this reading. Yes, to this date, 2121, A.D., it has been kept in virtual silence, but it took place in the year, 2050 to 2053 A.D., we can call it an old Mystery, renewed: of the 10th Planet, to which it exists in its own personal solar system, with its Paleolithic inhabitants (Neanderthals and Denisovans type, with evolutionary genetic immune genes, perhaps cousins to earthlings). This story you are about to read, has been taken out of the nation’s archives, where it was kept for posterity sake, for lost causes, until now.  I am the Great, Great Grandson of Dr. D., whom worked at the once Louisiana Space Center, with Dr. McGee, and Dr. Hightower. And this is his story.

Dr. D’s Journal

      “On the 10th Planet within its own solar system its inhabitants live like wild beats, if not often more so; before they die a dark and lonely death in some hidden corner of its  wooded areas, or volcanic surrounds, thus many live in defensive packs, like wolves, most near-strangers not long before they joined a pack. They pledged their allegiance to one another on blood battles, the blood in the veins of another new comrade. There is no such emotion of bereavement found in them, although may I say, it is  an emotion more  learned than felt, learned by social comparison for the most part, imitating behavior, in yet time to come, I will explain this further; so it was always there, just never brought out.
      “It is a normal practice to torture unknown persons of other tribes, shoot a rack at their heads, club them to unconsciousness, and bury them half-alive under a foot of soil, in the bush.  These things were learned by three means, in particular by my trip to the planet, and upon bringing back Samuel, as I will explain later, with the other two resources.
       “Thus, it was wise that one does not lose contact with everyone else of their tribe, or wander off on his own.”

       Behind a door in space (a portal, as it is often referred to) my great, great grandfather found an adjoining room between the solar system of this so called 10th planet and earth’s solar system—figuratively speaking, like a worm hole.   At that time the Louisiana Space Station had been monitoring muffled sounds of those ancient people, oh just snatches of sentences and finally faint images. With a decade of this monitoring 2040 to 2050 A.D., the door had slowly opened and as Dr. D. explains in his dissertation in his third Ph.D.,  in Stellar Ages,  “Now we can hear spirited conversations and even nightly fireside debates. And although we can take part in the exchanges, I don’t wish to steer their thoughts one way or the other, lest we cause a collision which might alter their speed of grown and activity, and perhaps cause panic. This is all done by gravitational waves propagated, thus we gain knowledge of the events on the 10th Planet, they are carried at the speed of light, but there is a new theory called ‘Standing Still Time,’ when this information seeps through the gateway, thus we get the near, moment by moment information and prior to the event information.”

       The account goes on to say:  “What I wanted from the committee was to rescue one of the victims. And my friend, Dr. McGee commented ‘Are they not an alienated history of nomads?’
       “What I want—I told them—was to  bring one being, or species of that race back to earth to appease an embittered history they now had, and restructure his thinking, his reasoning, and if possible, plant one of his offspring back into that habitat and see if we can advance it. I told the committee, and I got smiles lit up on all their faces in the room, especially on one of the indefatigable debaters on the subject. By and large, I now had stopped them all in their tracks, to this grave question. It was doable. Dr. G.B. McGee said, ‘Good luck brother! Perhaps we may see in the long run the horrendous acts of violence stopped on that huge massive planet, those unspeakable acts of horror against its own population…’

. . . Continuation

From the Journal of Dr. D., 2052, A.D., (now being read 2121 A.D. by his Great, Great Grandson, Antonio):

“The process of sequential metamorphosis for the body to change as need be from one environment to another was experimental, a drama in the process, or making, our subject came from the 10th Planet, ten-times the size of earth, having discovered the planet 35-years prior, up to then it was a nearly next to invisible fog in space, one scientists were trying to connect the dots to.  Its orbit around its sun takes a million years. The planet itself is a trillion miles away, its orbit being one-hundred and fifty times that of Pluto. I’ve named the planet: ‘Mass’ for its colossus size.  How it formed is still a mystery.
       “Well, we rescued a victim, of course not the one I had mentioned to the committee, and brought him back to earth, named him Sam, or Samuel for short.
       “Now I must explain gravity before I get into singularity, to describe how this all came about, for those readers who already know this, it will be a revision:
       “Should one put a boulder or heavy brick on top of a straight mattress, the mattress will indent, depress, sink, there will be a curvature, should you put acorns on a straight matters during this process that indentation will cause the acorns to slide downward alongside the boulder.  Now we know the boulder has already shape-changed the mattress, thus depending on the size of the boulder, and the curvature, will decide where the acorns will settle, this is gravity. But we will take it one step further in a moment.
       “The 10th Planet and its sun has such a curvature, which creates the planet’s orbit. How so?  The planet’s sun is collapsing, it’s a gravitational collapse, and it is collapsing under its own internal gravity, the loss of energy. In other words, it’s a tired elephant. When the sun does collapse, it will be devoured by a black hole should it get too close to one—to its Event Horizon, or just an inch over its assault-side?  You see it is an exhausted star, all its nuclear fuel will contract like a woman in labor, sooner than later, and/or become a dwarf star or neutron Star should it avoid the black hole, or—I repeat—food  for the black hole furnace.
       “So we seized the moment, and grabbed Samuel, should that event take place in my lifetime, and of course it didn’t.”
. . .

“When we landed on Mass, it was like stygian muck, a perilous planet with volcano gases being emitted every-which-way, eruptions all about, bubbles of gas, in many locations formed by the magma, it was a primitive earth in essence; hence, as we stumbled about in its thin and effervescent atmosphere, we noticed many strange animals the Dubbed Pegomastax africanus or ‘thick jawed’ what I call mammoth rat! Old skulls of the Homo habilis type, stone tools, like Oldowan tools. Some of the tribes we encountered were likened to Homo heidelbergensis, often referred to as predecessor species to the Homo sapiens. Another thing we noticed is that they were capable of ritual behavior. 
       “At times it got so hot, we got fever burnt, that is to say, and infectious diseases on our skin, even with our suites especially made for this buoyant thermosphere.  At night we underwent surging winds as if we were on top of Mount Everest, and fading nights of gray, to a hot morning. A few of the team members, of which there were seven of us scientists—not to include the spacecraft’s team—experienced  delirium, a lucid mind, at times nearly madness came and went, it was as if the planet was cursed, but once back inside the spacecraft, sanity was restored. Our stay was brief at best, which is a story within itself of which I shall spare the reader and get right to the facts.
       “At night we encountered the dead inhabitation, the spirits, fiends you might call them, the residue of the souls of the dead inhabitants of the 10th Planet. Evidently they live on, in their foggy world, but appear only to be a nuisance more than a menace for they do not cause havoc.
      “But our team members all survived and Samuel became accustomed to earth with our metamorphoses process: at which time we eliminated his goatish and/or piggish stench out of his skin.
       “As I have specified, it is for posterity I write the analog, between them and us, as I continue.  This work of course will be hidden in the archives of the Government for seventy-five years I expect, if not more, or a little less depending on everyone’s curiosity.”

. . . Continuation.

“I also made a few more discoveries before I was done with my work with Samuel, and we let him live a life on his own, within of course, a closed environment, allowing his offspring to circulate within our environment, we had provided him with several wives within his short lifespan; when we capture him, dug him up from a foot and a half of dirt, right after the tribes ritual, we placed his age at seventeen. I expected his lifespan to be 45-years liken to his own kind, perhaps more since he has now been revitalized, or fortified with modern technology’s best.
       “I too discovered that he had the same genetic material of our earthly Paleolithic Ancestors, exquisitely preserved in his DNA, more than 20,000-years ago. My conclusion to that is that they had been brought to earth, to do mining, perhaps in Peru for gold, for alien spacecraft’s, all spacecraft’s need a certain amount of gold, it is a precious metal at times hard to acquire; that being my best and quickest guess.  The other extraordinary finding was, bringing him to the Chauvet Caves, with those drawings on the cave walls of those beasts that roamed Europe, during, and after and before the last and prior Ice Ages, or some 33,000 B.C., he recognized them. And I found out he knew how to use the compounds in recreating them: as he did, out of charcoal and red ochre, as he etched them into limestone, the likes of them anyhow. He evidently was at one time an artist.
       “Samuel was also familiar with the stalagmites and stalactites, as if these ancient people were brought back and forth for 15,000-years, then left to their own, or abandoned on their planet thereafter, for 20,000-more years; who’s to say? Whatever the case, they did not advance.
       “A last word to the reader, of this 22nd Century, I presume 22nd Century: when I did a cross-cultural study of humanity’s DNA, we found 3% of it to be similar to the origin of Samuel’s, to the next century’s population, it will increase, I presume.  So in essence, they have been among us all along. I dread to think if they reach a higher number, the influence they will have on sectarian violence and oppressions on our way of life, it could go either way, good or bad. But should it go the way of the 10th Planet, it is not good!”

Explanation of the Story:

Note 1: There are nine (9) planets in our solar system, a decade back a scientist downgraded Pluto to an asteroid because there was found in the Asteroid Belt, an asteroid larger than Pluto. Most recently, they re-measured that asteroid, it is smaller by a slight than Pluto, but have contradictions if Pluto should be reconsidered a Planet. For this story, Pluto is a planet, as it always has been, thus we have nine planets: Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto. Most recently, there was found a new planet, a massive one, they say in Earth’s solar system.  The Scientist call it “The 9th Planet” as often they are, they are incorrect, it is the  10th Planet, and the planet is not in Earth’s solar system, but in another, within the Milky Way. In any case, this is a story of “Voyage to the 10th Planet”.

Note 2: The story “Voyage to the 10th Planet” was extracted from three other short unpublished SF vignettes: 1) The Giant Planet: Mass” written 1-29-2016; 2) “Staler Ages” written,    “1-9-2016; and, “Singularity” 1-26-2016.

Note 3:  ‘Singularity’ in astrophysics is referred to: is what you end up with when a giant star is compressed to an unimaginably small point.
Note 4: General Relativity, used in this story refers to is when objects are distorted by space-time around them. Thus changing the shape of the material, as in the effects of gravity.
Note 5: Gravitational Collapse:  one must switch her or his attention to nuclear physics.
Note 6:  The 9th Planet discovered by the scientists recently, the author takes it out of Earth’s Solar system, and puts it into its own solar system, and leaves it the same size the Scientists feel it is, and calls it the 10th Planet or ‘Mass’ out of his prerogative as a SF writer.
Note 7: The author gives an example of the pull of gravity, which depends on the star’s mass and radius. Which is the intensity of the force that pulls everything.
Note 8: The Milky Way has a supermassive black hole, the author uses black holes to show how stars once loss of fuel, will become the fabric of the mass inside the black hole or a dwarf star, depending.
Note 9: the Speed of light, is 186,000-miles per second, the author uses Gravitation waves, reproduced, act at this speed. Although he does not specify this in total.  These waves carry knowledge about the events that caused them. This is inferred within the scientists at the Louisiana Space Stations, gathering of data.
Note 10: the Author uses portal, or gateway, meaning a worm hole of sorts to gain knowledge, and for its ship to go to and fro.

#5047/2-2-2016 Copyright © by Dennis L. Siluk, Dr. H.c.