Saturday, February 6, 2016

Space Mining on Asteroid 13,499!

It has been said by nearly all of the folks, and acutance’s of mine in Minnesota that my perusing this space mining adventure, the first of its kind that I must have be a little touched in the head: that surely some grave disaster is bound to happen, and it is happing as I write this narrative, or journal, to which may very well be my last. But I have proved it is possible, the once thought super-scientific madness of mining of an asteroid in space, was strictly Science Fiction, is now non-fiction.
       But here I am, doing just that.  I have invested in some companies, two decades ago, did the legal framework in the United States, and went about my business. I have a team of several engineers with me, and two scientists, and there are these dreadful creatures at night, unknown entities that circle this asteroid, but I am sane, was at the outset, perhaps not so much anymore, but sane enough to write down in a sober enough way this lucid account of our last several months work, and tonight’s predicament.    
       This is no Jules Verne chronicle, but basic technologies, we landed several months ago on this asteroid, and we are mining it.  Matter of fact, we have some European entrepreneurs backing this project up, along with American Companies, and we’ve found valuable resources in this so called space body.
       We’re not sure if we are in violation of the UN’s Outer Space Treaty, but it is of less concern at this point, and to be taken up at a later date.  And as far as we are concerned, the treaty excludes the appropriation of materials found here. We are like fishermen in international space as they would be called, in international waters, if indeed we were searching the oceans for the same material, which is too deep rooted. 
       We are on one of the largest of the 13,500 asteroids known to the specialists on earth, concerning Asteroids; I have named this one: Asteroid 13,499, which is one of the so-called near-Earth asteroids. On this giant asteroid, we’ve found water, for our in-space activity. And we have a large surface abundance.  And we found a source of food, a beast-sea serpent of sorts, called a ‘sock’   (its official name being: Xenoturella), it has no eyes, teeth, brain, it sucks in its food but its hole for a mouth, but has no stomach, it is about eight inches long, taste like raw eel. One of the scientists said it is a very ancient creature. I don’t know its chemistry, but when you’re hungry who cares. So on one hand we found the Holy Grail of space, on the other, well, it’s a different story.

       So what have we found thus far for what we came for?  Our mine is high on platinum-group metals, to include: Iridium, palladium.
       However, I wish to bring to the reader’s attention, if time permits, and we are still alive, it will be because we’ve found a way to kill these strange visitations from these phenomenal and deadly creatures: but I am not sure if that is my aim, and at this very minute, I think it’s a tinge too late.
      There are insects that fly about at night like bats, like bull-mosquitos, that if they bite you is like hemlock being injected into you. Of the seven engineers, three are dead thus far, and the three of us scientists, are fine.  These insects are quite the intimating kind.   Their center or hub is behind one of the hills on the Asteroid. And we’ve discovered when they land, they become mighty jumpers, the larger ones. I just discovered that the other night, as I stood there for a long while gaping at one of them. It beheld for me a marvel beyond understanding, they can jump several feet, and breathe out an unearthly odor. And they murmur with their breathing. My main emotion is at present, a half-mystic wonder, a deadly curiosity, and the mining is taking second place. My mind is spun dizzily, to capture a few and bring them back to earth to study, was I should say, that now has passed into oblivion. I am for the most part, half-fearful and half-exultant. And to kill them, I have no plausible clue, other than, stomp them out with some sort of insecticide, that we’d have to create with the material we have at hand. And I don’t want to be too hasty.  We could have fumigated them, the hill-top above them, and let the substance descend on top of their nest, but I suggested we do not. Other than that, I have done some sketches of the creatures.
       They can be surveyed in the morning cloudless light, they like friable soil. And they hid now in sheltered spots, knowing I have been previously seeking them out, been hidden from my view behind giant granite fragments on the surface.
       For various reasons I have dismissed telling our agency on earth, of this bizarre world of creatures. This enigmatic breed of nocturnal manifestations of killers, about the size of my fist, the largest. To my utter dumfoundment, I shall keep it a secret a while longer.  They have become familiar with me, and think I am a less concernment to them, than my team members, and should they all be dead in the morning, which is not absurd, I shall live among them if possible, by some incalculable means, I can do it I think. I sense the test will be soon, hypothetical, they started to circle our encampment I think for a once in a lifetime attack, as I write this out, and I could warn everyone, but if I do, they’ll kill me along with them. And that is unapproachable to my thinking.
       Oh yes, there the jumpers are, overhanging the bed nets of the engineers, I ponder to think if they can gnaw through them. These are the infinitudes everyone on earth failed to explore, these ungovernable insects.