Monday, February 22, 2016

Worlds Beyond (Part II of II) Last Voyage from Mars


I am caught in-between a trans-dimensional vortex, carried by a gravitational wave ((GW) (as if inside the wave’s pocket)), inside a semicircular vessel, caught in the pull of the wave at the speed of light.  I will never age at this speed, and now the wave just passed Earth, I fear I shall be on my way to the end of the universe, what end is anyone’s guess. Who’s to say, perchance this was the very wave that created the Big Bang, after matter and antimatter collided, making it 14.5 billion years old. Or perhaps it is some wave that was created a billion years ago from some supernova, or two black holes with their horrid gravitational pull, plunging into one another, and creating a giant blast. But here I am all the same. It would seem I was asleep a long while, perhaps this vessel was pulled off its course, on my way to Earth from Mars, like snatching a hitchhiker off a highway, at full speed; thus my vessel adjoined  with the GW, in what one might refer to as transcendental, or awe-inspiring  space.  Now lost in its supernal realm, for how long, no one knows!

       Nothing was clear, everything obscure in my head, evidently I was in my space station on Mars, had secured the spacecraft, took somehow a head injury along the way, the concussion has not allowed me to put this puzzle all together, and got caught in the GW. I must have purged through an interspatial vacuum, with a gravitational wave ploughing through it at the same time, and taken me off my course to Earth. I do remember working on this super-aqueous apparatus for the vessel that would produce water indefinitely, and if need be, for an endless supply of water on Mars.  I was deep in my granite cabin of sorts, or lab, on Mars, the vessel was ready to go, and I must have hit the GW, and I now just awoke, or a few hours ago. So I can’t say how long I’ve been caught, only that I am in this interval of time, what I suspected happened, most likely did happen. I do remember it all was experimental, in the underground lab on Mars. I was hoping to be thrown into Earth’s outer rim of space, but the wave this entity that carried me, pulled me, my vessel away from its goal. How unfortunate.

Time Passes

More and more I am heading to who knows where. I have passed Jupiter, Pluto, long ago, way beyond them now.  I can count moment by moment, but not really-time; once I get out of this enfolded wave, I’ll feel better, I sense I am in the belly of the whale, figuratively speaking, yet in reality I am in a swollen part  of the waves quarry.  And the wanting of my brain to return to ungraspable images that I could understand before I made this adventure, but much is still a blur. I sense months and seasons are passing me by as I travel, I never seem to get a day older though. Time does not pass at the speed of light, it is obligated to the laws of physics, but perhaps God has some unknown laws I’ll learn yet, no one knows.  I am now waiting for a miracle.  How old will I be when I find one? My friends who left Mars for earth, eons ago, I’m sure are all dead by now, perhaps they have become part of the human race, what was then a hospital environment, and that is to say, in perhaps passing generations, they have made it sociably livable.  If one once to consider after a certain amount of time, then take two parents, who have four grandparents, who have eight, great-grandparents, like on Mars, as it was once, in only 700-years (or 20-generations) you’d have over a million people, now take 100,000-years, when and if I end up on Earth, it could be billions of people, that are really Martians, or have, mixed genetics, DNA. It’s all quite possible.  In that sense, one third of the population could be interrelated with me, unknowingly. And our blood could very well be mixed with the Homo sapiens, as well as the Neanderthal. I will have a lot of lost ancestors, perhaps one will have kept an ancient diary of what took place, although if my Scrolls are found on Mars, they could put two and two together.

Time Passes

Earth looked to me like an opal, last time I saw it, it was then, 100,000 B.C., on Earth, my ship reads now it is 2020 A.D., I presume the wave somehow turned, it must had been 20-lifetime’s I’ve been in this ship or 100, this tomb of sorts, that is like a time machine that has no time to register,   leaping through space like a jewel, across the universe, like a colossal title wave, then somehow the GW drooped down and I beheld the face of Earth, and now my ship is falling, falling. I noticed, that swiftly the curvature of the wave swelled and that swelling pushed my vessel out of its pocket, and now I am falling, falling: descending to the earth, into its embowered sea, called ‘Red’.
       Now on the floor of the Earth, I must start a new life, at 100, 052 years old. Who do I tell, where do I go, what next, should I expect? 

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