Tuesday, February 9, 2016

The Treaded from Earth’s Underworld

The Hyperborean Mythos & Worlds Beyond

 The Treaded from Earth’s Underworld

(From the Netherworld, to Algiers)


Algliarept, Henchman from Tartarus
(Lord of five Legions)

I have seldom been able to resist the allurement of a new city, to explore its beaches, it its main quarter, its rocky structures by the sea; in 1998, last year, about the same time, July, I went to Tangier, this year its it’s Algiers. I am on vacation from the Los Andes Space Center high up in the Andes of Peru where I work as a scientist, I am kind of an astrophysics technician, along with several comrades that work in the same area. 
       As I said, this all took place yesterday. When climbing on some of the rocky structures by the sea, to browse around for a few minutes having come upon this mystery, brief as it was, and thereafter had an idle forenoon to ponder on it, as now I write it out on journal paper for posterity sake. Actually the group I was with, I stepped away from them for a while. Sometimes the slow and smooth mediocrity of life gets to me, being a scientist, and I had brought nothing to read ahead of time, and talking with strangers on the bus, I got so hurriedly and grotesquely tired of miner chitchat I could almost anticipate anything they were about to say, it was dismal boredom. But now I am in my hotel room contemplating what took place yesterday.

The Journal Notes of Dr. Nutt:

       “When I listen hard I can hear the innermost difficulties of my brain, some say this is your second-self talking to you, a part of your soul telling you this and that, other say it is psychotic or schizoid reaction the brain is reproducing. Maybe it is second-sight—is my conclusion: something scientists avoid talking about, and psychologists hate, although you have your parapsychologists that will listen. Perhaps it is hell’s demons whispering. It comes like as if it is little more of your memory talking back to you, then it stretches out into a labyrinthine murmuring. Then into incommunicable blurs.
        “Earth is like any other planet in many ways, it has its mysteries. Humanity has always felt the presence of another unseen species among us that appears to live at a reckless pace. Myself betwixt by it, and by its trembling beings. Yet I have never found any form confirmation until yesterday, when I found massive folds in a rock structure along the shores of the Algiers Sea coast.
       “And when I looked directly down into this curvature of rock-structure, its narrow crevice, more on the order of a zigzagged grotto, I saw eyes. Eyes that appeared to crawl flat on its stomach, at first I thought it was a snake, but the eyes came from a shadow of an odd looking head, but it was in the dark, more an ash like shadow out of ebony darkness. It was many feet down, and had I been able to figure out its depth,   I’m sure it went deeper into earth’s crust, imaginable. It crawled up horizontally alongside the wall of the rock, or well—when it got several feet distance from me it shot out a substance in mid-air, made me motionless, and I fell back a little to one side, hung onto the tip of a picked rock. I could hear the sea, nothing else, frozen as if in ice.
       “The creature was made of some sort of highly dull material, then it fully appeared out of its grotto onto the landscape a few feet from me, its outlines were now clear.  Although I saw him in a blur, from this for-short end position, walled in by rock,  in which I viewed this demon of sorts, a creature of the deep, underworld, he called himself, Algliarept Agaliarept, Henchman from Tartarus, Lord of Five Legions. Thus, he had letters behind his name, I pondered as he proudly personified them above his name.  He was the semblance of a man-beast, with a crimson light to his alien looking eyes. He stood several feet tall, and rested his arm against a granite wall that formed the place he came out of, my place of vantage.  Likewise he was muscular, from top to bottom. Naked as a jaybird. I cannot compare him with any other being on earth, or creature, but he had now wings, a face like a horse, low and huge were his testicles, as if they were independent of gravity.  

It all was quite imponderable to a degree if I told a psychologist, he’d ask what I was on, and have me visit a Chemical Dependency Counselor. This is a mystery of earth, like the mystery of asteroids, and comets, and double yoked stars (or suns), and so forth, and new found planets, and deep sea monsters, yet if I go ahead and put this into a science journal, it will be seen as illogical, demonology, dissolved as in molten iron, made up to be “The Creature from the Black Lagoon.” Yet this creature perhaps from earth’s underworld mid-point. And what was their surface abundance? He said he had five legions under him. Under or above, who cares, they are surely active. Carl Sagan would ask me for a photograph of him, to confirm there are such creatures of the underworld. Yet if one of our astronauts saw him on the moon, he’d say, “We’ve discovered alien life!” In any case, Sagan’s head would be adverted from my view.
       This creatures creature had cold and lucent eyes, and lightheartedly composure   undoubtedly one of the lords of the underworld. He had impeccable symmetry, ugly as a mud turtle, with a strange profile, and his cranium rose lofty, with horns and dog-straight ears…

       “Then he stooped lower and lower into his grotto, floated nearly horizontally back down to his underworld domain. As my body loosened up. I was breathless and awed wondering what inconceivable thing this was, I feel like a silent over- world explorer to be disentombed.”