Friday, February 12, 2016

Worlds Beyond Unleashed Asteroid

((2019—Earth Bound) (With Dr. G.B. McGee))

Radio and Television Broadcast!

At the Louisiana Space Station, Dr. G.B. McGee, has just released to the radio, and television networks, information concerning the strike of an Asteroid that hit the Gobi Desert today. What had taken place—prior to this event—was that a supernova (a star/sun) explosion, took place in one of the one-hundred-galaxies that can be seen behind the Milky Way, causing a gradational wave, which has been traveling at the speed of light for some time now, Dr. McGee has separated this wave from what is called a electromagnetic radiation, whereas he has determined it to be a GW (gravitational waves), on the grounds it does not interact with matter.  It has traveled throughout the universe from those galaxies, unimpeded through the universe, and has caused an asteroid  to wobble off its course, the size being 0.6 – miles wide and it has hit ground in the Gobi Desert, had it been a six mile wide asteroid, the size of the one that wiped out all the dinosaurs eons ago, well it would be a different story—McGee has inferred to his audience: he has told the radio audience as well as television, in a matter of fact way: had it been, he wouldn’t be broadcasting the Asteroid’s, climatic impact on land today. Had it been in the ocean, it wouldn’t be so server he has told the radio listeners. 
       Dr. McGee, goes on to explain in more depth, GW’s the cause of the movement of the asteroid: “GW’s or gradational waves, are a ripples in space, waves that are concentric ripples that squeeze and stretch the fabric of space-time, and are caused by the movement of mass, as in  the case of a supernova explosion (a dying sun). So the GW passes through space, as it does, it squeezes and stretches that space it passes through; they can disturb and upset. A GW can also be a window, to figuring out the origin of the Universe. If indeed one could see and read a GW, he might find himself a second away from the Big Bang. But now to more serious matters.”
       Dr. McGee, goes on to explain, the happening: “The crater, in the Gobi Desert is some nine miles wide,” he has explained to his world viewers.   “And it has thrown huge amounts of dust into the atmosphere, and because it landed in the desert, it did not trigger worldwide large-scale fires—thank God for that! Although the soot into the air, will circle the earth. Expect the atmosphere to remain with soot and dust for some ten years, worst case scenario. Hypothetical, six years at best. Also expect the particles will warm in the sun, thus, heating the stratosphere, destroying, or at least speed up the destruction of the ozone, and expect harmful ultraviolet radiation, worldwide.”
      Dr. McGee has told the people not to panic, but to be realistic. “In the days to come,” infers McGee, “70% of Earth’s surface will be reduced sunlight, for one to two years.  It will cool to 14.5 degrees Fahrenheit, which is a new little ice age for the world to deal with.”
       “Thus, global cooling will drop the precipitation of perhaps 50%, this will of course cause damage to plant productivity, especially in North America, Europe, Northern Asia, India, but South America and Africa should not be affected as badly.”
       The station manager has told Dr. McGee, not to be so bleak, to try and give the people hope.
       “This space rock, which was more like a small hill, or mountain, is one of some 900-astroids that pass near the earth regularly, and at the Gravitational-Wave Observatory, scientists using the Laser Interferometer, do not predict any more GW’s of this sort, or Asteroids to be knocked off balance. NASA officials has indicated this mountain-size space rock, was simply passing through Earth’s neighborhood at the wrong time, had we known, had our president been alerted to this sooner, we could have perhaps avoided—that is to say, had our president known the object was about to hit earth, he could have used a nuclear bomb, destroying or disrupting it, giving it a nudge to the right or left a tinge, as to slam the space rock out of earth’s path. But by the time it got to the officials, and the big shots to make up their minds on what to do and not do, that option was out, thus we had to simply sit and wait, and this is what we get for waiting, when you snooze, you lose. It is one of those unseen and unseeable events that perhaps could have been imagined and foreseen as far as, avoiding this climatic event, had the right people listened to the astrophysical specialists.”

#5064 (2-2016)