Saturday, February 13, 2016

Worlds Beyond The Ahesor Comet Report (2030 A.D., ‘The Toad like People')

 The beings, to my understanding were no more than three-feet tall, with skin roughened similar to a toads, all naked reddish flesh, having little squinty pig-eyes and albino hair, if any at all, for most were hairless. Beyond this description, they are for the most part nondescript, although plague-ridden in those latter days of their existence on the comet.
       There had been—two groups of them—both groups living on one side of the Comet Ahesor, totaling perhaps twenty-five in all; the larger group was called:  Odlaforp.
       The disease was termed: green leprosy, and tenanted by doom; thus, they faced a dimmed lit grotesque reality.
       The planet they were born on, and then taken from is to my understanding some 39-lightyears from Earth—take or give a few either way—so indicates my report on: time in space for light to reach earth (from the New Darmstadt Space Agency Elect, in Germany):  Such a distance is phenomenal if not phantasmal, in that this penal colony of two infected groups of what has now been established as ‘The Toad People’ of Ahesor, took place 26,000 B.C. This year being 2030 A.D.  the planet I am referring to is much like Venus. A rocky planet 370-trillion km out in interstellar space, with about half it roasting in solar winds and heat storms sporadically throughout its lifespan.
       Back in 26,000 B.C., according to the report, it had and maintained a substantial atmosphere, liken to Mars at one time, perhaps its sun burnt it up to its present atmospheric thinness, and if there are life forms still there, they have not been seen from its surface thus far.
       The comet is presently maintaining its ancient orbit, and is two lobed, perhaps it formed that way billions of years ago by some contact binary. Furthermore, as the report reads this comet circles the earth’s sun and perhaps in the past has released in material or substance form, unknown ancient diseases that have found its way to earth, causing plagues, who’s to say? A new, if not old theory being revised at this very moment; actually the question that has come up is: ‘Where did the Neanderthal get its ancient genetic code, its DNA, indicative, of these pig-eyed aliens.’
       To the best of my knowledge, this comet is 650-meters thick, it has a gravitational field, and looks as if at any moment it will split in half. It also takes six-years to orbit our sun, and by all means was a spacecraft for those two small groups, now long gone, and only their DNA to spell out their mistakes, their traits.
       The mass or frame of the comet has been measured at ten-billion tones, the volume 21.4 cubic km. The larger lob is 4.l km. It has been deduced, that the two groups lived on that larger section of the comet, for a brief period, perhaps starving to death long before their disease would have killed them, perhaps blood clots, strokes, heart attacks. The comet itself is 75% empty space. And to the best of my knowledge, the temperatures range from - 93c to -43 c.

What more can I tell you, but to sum up:  our Resources Bureau in Lima and Germany, calls this unnamed far-off planet of the Toad People, Venus II, who escaped, wrong word, whom were dumped upon, onto to the Comet like prisoners thrown into a jail cell. They assume it has cooled down some, but the Intergalactic Counsel in Lima has moved ideas, they say Venus II, left the comet an execution-prison for the infected persons, they abandon their kind, to their own fate in fear of something more epidemic I suppose on their planet, during each beings  embryonic stage. Our feedback from our interstellar probes, are still transmitting the data being sent to us, and our dialectology department is making their interpretation of this data at present: the lander, has taken all the samples needed for signature variation in the DNA of all who died on the comet.

#4918/11-21-2015 (Reedited and revised slightly, 12-26-2015)