Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Worlds Beyond The Mineralogist: Night Termination! (McGee, Part 1X)

What makes Earth special?
       The rule of war is to avoid hitting hospitals, the International Criminal Court calls it a War Crime to do so.  Now there is a new war game going on, the rule of proportionality has been altered, which says, even if the enemy is in the hospital, you cannot kill them, because the greater number will be civilian casualties, thus how do you kill the enemy then, when they are hiding in the very place, that is given sanctuary? The Mineralogist has come up with a new weapon of war, ‘Tight War Termination Killers’. Prof George Bacon, Mineralogist and Entomologist (the study of insects), was assigned to the project called: ‘Night Cessation’ (or `Night Termination`); for the United States Defense Department.

       So the question comes up again, what makes earth special, more so than Mars, the Moon or Mercury, or to mention but a few planets?  Minerals!  In a nutshell, minerals!
       Recently cobaltarthur—5 mm, were discovered, and we have a tinge of abelsonite, and fingerite, and particularly a thimble full of edoylerite, the latter being called by those who know the mineral well, the Mineralogist, and more often than not, the Entomologist, who study insects, especially those stuck on some extinct plant species covered in amber, or fossil flowers trapped in chunks of amber for fifteen-million years. So you take the Mineralogist and the Entomologist, and edoylerite, and name it ‘the Vampire-like mineral’ and what do you get, you get a mineral that decomposes on exposure to light (as rare as  the universe is old), a very rare short-lived mineral, and hard to find.
       Now if you take the mineral fingerite, it forms like flakes on the Izalco Volcano in E. Salvador—the only place in the world, when it rains fingerite washes away, gone forever. Thus only a few people know where these special mineral reserves are in the world. Safer that way.
       Rare as they are, can be manufactured, by industry, so Dr. McGee asked the Louisiana Space Agency, upon the visiting Mineralogist, “What insights does it provide for us here, and America as a whole?”  Prof George Bacon, the Mineralogist, ventured to say, the three Star General, Wessington at his side, whom were working hand in hand with the Underground Carbon Industry, “It all works in with minerals, earth’s system, insects, the colorless crystals are essential, they produce microbial ‘poop.’”
       Now they were all sitting in the meeting room and the General asked for them to turn off the lights, to make the room halfway dark, and Professor Hightower did as asked, and someone walked into the room, one could hardly make him out, “This is our new night fighting machine” said  the general.  Dr. D., looking closer at the outline of his face, a mixture of reds and browns and greens, had the room been any darker the person would have been un-seeable.
       “What exactly is he?” asked Professor Hightower.
       A little light came through the curtain of the window, and the person stepped back under a shadow, as not to be inclined to have the light directly upon him. Then Dr. D., took out a little flashlight from his pocket and shinned it on the object direct, or person. Instantly he became decomposed, moldy, rotting away as those flacks called fingerite, and not so unlike the mineral it was made out of, edoylerite called the Vampire Mineral, on the exposed of the direct light.
       “You did exactly what we predicted you would do if you could figure out what we did,” said the general, “and now you can’t question our hunt saboteur, or assassin; whatever mission he may have. He is an enemy’s nightmare.” 

#5074/2-13 thru 16-2016