Wednesday, February 6, 2013

War of the Sparrows

   (End of the World)

Over the wrestle of trees just above the fiery flash and the heat came
       crashes of bombs, bullets, and rockets, then slowly the stalking jets above flew their tilted wings low, with flash and plunder they cracked the
       earth below—made hills into deep pitted manholes. And the hawks, eagles, and condors:   wings caught on fire, and the fins of the sparrows
       in the whack of the blistering furious winds, blazed in crimson red. And man called it, ‘The war of the Sparrows,’ but it was really the war to
       no end, should God, Himself not step in.  As the sparrows looped with flames, from branch to branch, tree to tree, one chipper to the other:
       “Come let us die together…”

#3628 (2-4-2013)