Wednesday, February 6, 2013

The Righteous Ones

And I saw upon the waters of the sea in a dream—the knowledge of the
       Gospels, they fell upon every nation of the earth, and I asked:
“What could this all mean?” Was Isaiah speaking to me? Mentally
       incognita speaking to me?
The Psalmist foretells of such a day, when the Lord, Elhim, will cut off His
       enemies, and give the earth to his Righteous Ones.
Daniel saw the Kingdom of God as a stone that turned into a mountain.

As for me, this First Day of February, 2013, the towering giants of
       wickedness that plague this earth, enslaved in sin, promising Freedom, and giving sour wine, their time is short to be lived, for the day
       is coming that they will be driven from the face of this planet.

#3616 (2-1-2013)