Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Beelzeboul, Prince of Demons

           (Solomon’s Demon)

The Demon Beelzeboul, Prince of Demons, has driven all light and
       darkness, to his sides to find a foothold, to bind the holy men, for a lust, a desire that is as fleeting as day—He is after the clergy,
       the priest, the rabbi, and the kings of the earth—to blasphemy the Lord, I have seen him in my dream-visions…he is like a
       phantom, his dark hand tries to cover my spirit.  He sees the clergy at the altar, says to his comrades:  ‘Soon he will fade or
       falter, weaken or wane, this is my game—hence then, I shall make a furnace of ecstasy in his brain, make it whirl…!

#3630 (2-5-2013)

Note:  Beelzeboul, was really a Fallen Angel, an Angelic Renegade, and was questioned by Solomon, under threat of sending him to the ‘Pit,’ and  told Solomon one of his main duties he felt, were to plant arouses, desires in holy men, bring  about jealousies and instigate ((Reference, “Testament of Solomon,” Pseudepigrapha) (written 1st Century A.D.,).  We must pray for our holy men, or people who work for God for our betterment.

For Julio Cardenas