Wednesday, February 6, 2013

San Juan Miraflores by Night

At that  hour when all things seek repose and rest
       When comes the winds of San Juan Miraflores,
One hears the shifting restless invisible sounds
       Coming and going, in the surrounding air…

Twilight turns from cherry, to cherry red
       Then, to deeper and deeper crimson pink
The arc lights shine a dim golden glow
       Along the streets and avenues…!

Across the street is the Church, and Cherry Park,
       An old woman paces, slow and sedate,
She bends looking towards the yellow moon
       Her head inclines to stay that way.

Now twilight turns to a pale blue, a soft yellow
       Shy thoughts pondering: the world is stone still…
Those wondering birds, now amid the drowsy
       The dogs in the park, waiting the pale sunrise!

#3632 (2-5-2013)

For the Mayor of San Juan Miraflores