Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Those Curious Ones

When did the human become human?
When did those Curious Ones, differentiate from other hominoids?
Shift into a human direction?
Australopithecine: five-million B.C.
When did these Curious Ones jump from ape to man?
Whatever the case may be, someone put them into the same biological
       family as man
(with a different genus of course)
Then Homo habitis, with a one to one and a half pint size brain, came on
       the scene; his head a tinge more human looking: two-million B.C.
Were these people?
Then came the toolmakers, and Homo erectus, the hunters, then Homo
       sapiens, called Neanderthals, 65,000- B.C.
Now man showed up at the Sea of Galilee, 40,000-B.C., a stone’s throw
       from Eden, but Adam was not among them, not yet: we now have Human and human-like inhabitants throughout the world…
Now came Adam and Eve, a new entire species—the unthinkable!...

#3614 (1-31-2013)
Inspired by the writings of Ronald Youngblood
Paul wrote in Romans “Sin indeed was in the world before the law was given.”
Review Genesis Chapter 1 thru 4