Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Mystery of the Path (Godhead)

If you  take Jesus out of the God equation, out of the Godhead per se
God becomes impersonal, as if not so important—
So we follow Christ, for he is the way—; the way to what?
There is no other way!
If he was not, there would not be a way!
He is the way to the Father.

Buddha and Socrates are one in alike, they point to a path, nothing
Christ said: “I am He”
He is what?
He is the path, the way to…
The very path Buddha and Socrates were pointing to…
Should they had seen the face of God, Jesus Christ, I do believe they
       would have followed Him—
Yet even Moses was not allowed this (Ex. 32:20)

#3613 (1-31-2013)
Inspired by: Pope Benedict XVI