Wednesday, February 6, 2013

The Silent Seraphim

(Christ’s two commandments)

I have confirmed the terrors that the prophets wrote—that lay dormant in
       the old scriptures: they are now forthcoming, and in all the stars, I seen many visions, visions that have formed since Christ was born, bear now the
       truth of this, the truth of the prophets that they march on, between earth and heaven. Man still ignorant with his sins, march on too: while man 
       does not adhere to Christ’s two commandments: Love your neighbor as your brother, and your God, in heaven. For your Father in heaven
       would sway the sun’s effulgent beams, to see your soul in his bosom, with one exultant breath…

       yet, in the sorrow he sees man draw up his wicked plans for war and pain, night and day. He whispers –in my visions, my dreams—to His
       Seraphim: “O see how they toil like little ants, beholding the Great Earth, mind and heart, taking trophies and spoils, ignorance of sin!  Liken 
       to the Fallen Angels, those Angelic Renegades of long ago, yet see how small and fragile man is—and see how the skeptic gazes, greeting the
       heavens as his own—   Man moans of war, with moonlike eyes, debaucheries of blood veils his mind. A burden to his neighbors, yet he is
       no more than a moth in the sky. Man and his adventures, he sinks deeper and deeper into the old abysses—the hateful bliss of those
       demonic beings—he’s beholding to: he has halfway journeyed forth to this, even before his time of death. What kind of mind has he designed to plague his soul?
       (?) The triumphs stand above his head, Gabriel I have sent, the wings of the black devils are wet, he will see them soon—and still he’ll seeks human
       joy or need, over Me: not all, but way to many. They want corn and fruit the best of the wine—bounties great and fair, and this he does with
       loving care.” And I noticed the Father was saddened.

And the Silent Seraphim gazed down august at the stream of humanity,
       the longer he looked the lonelier the heart—and he knew what the King had meant, that his Son would have to judge and send forth the
       souls, so many souls, the majority of souls of humanity to the deathless abysses.  And the Seraphim stared with tiresome eyes, for their
       destined demise, their doom in the abysses—

There within my vision-dream, a voice, the voice I believe of the Almighty
       said, “When the worms have their fill, the nations will fall; their ramparts and their spears will be broken and their thousands of high built
       walls like Babylon of old will crumble to the ground; they will not mock me much longer. What will remain will be no more than ashes. And 
       their names will be blotted out of the Book of Life, nevermore to be heard, nor remembered. They have forgotten once there was a Pharaoh on
       the throne of Egypt, between the rising and setting sun, I brought his kingdom down—how simple it was. And man has also forgot, love built
       the House of Man, and in vain he labors, and in vain he guards his domain, has he not learned that heaven is whom he must contend with. It
       is love of man for man, is what I see; the horror and the brashness of the past will be their long-denied, demise.”

And the Silent Seraphim’s eyes fell dark on the cruel state of the world, so
       much so, he gazed upon the face of the Lord- and the Lord said to the heart of the Seraphim—in my dream— ‘…a wiser age shall come. The
       splendor of whose dawn this age will not see.   When family and love and neighbors will bond, and laws will be adhered to, the laws given by
       the light of my Son, and the people of this age, will worship their God, accordingly.

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