Wednesday, February 6, 2013

God’s Vast Universe

(No Time for …)

I live in a small world, I suppose—compared too many…
Where there is room enough for God to do plenty—
Where God can take his time, listen to my sighs, my needs
My sorrows… And then I look about at man, so many, too many
Live in a world too big for God to do anything, so they think!
“Why would God spend his time on me” they say. Or
“Why would God be concerned, he’s got better things to do?”
Is this not a primitive way of thinking, incomprehensible?
My mind says: just look at the vast universe, above us—
And man comes to think more divinely than humanly on this,
So why be so petty with human involvement?
Has man forgotten God has no limits…?
That He can hug the whole world with one breath, if he so wishes.

#3631 (2-5-2013)