Thursday, October 30, 2014

Theological Warfare

Is it not true, Christians among themselves are divided?
Cannot agree upon the nature of their own religion?
And such divisions can cut deep to the point those who believe one way are at times prepared to slay those who believe another?
In other words, the brotherhood in all Christendom is not solid.
The arguments start with the nature of Jesus Christ, and goes over to whether His mother, Mary is the Mother of God, or Mother of a great man!
It extends to her virginity.
And it doesn’t stop there, figuratively speaking: it comes to the point of fighting over which dishwater soap is the right soap to wash our altars with! 
And then we fight over who can forgive sins!
And then we fight over statues—
As if the goddess Isis has become Mary, as if the worshipping of one has been transferred to the other.
Does not God sit appalled to all this animosity?
Should we not discuss that?
There is enduring hatred in all this.
And then we have the mystery of the Trinity, and blind obedience to the church—
Did Christ have two natures?
Was he coequal with God?
Did Christ have a mixture of human and divine?
Some say he was never divided.
And thus, being divine, Mary has to be the Mother of God.
I leave this all to the theologians, but is this not what split the church and to this very day an ongoing grudging peace…
It would seem to me, churches, like men, wall themselves in, inside of dogma, ignoring God’s plan—
To stop fighting the outside world, for a permanent existence with Him, in the kingdom of heaven!

No: 4578/10-22-2014